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homeopathy for labor pain and normal delivery
Started by: bbs at May 24 2011

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homeopathy for labor pain and normal delivery By: bbs
May 24 2011
Dear Dr.

my wife is 23 year old and 8 month pregnant. I have heard that in Homeopathy there is medicine to reduce labor pain and have normal delivery.

Kindly suggest me remedy

Thanks And Regards

Re:homeopathy for labor pain and normal delivery By: udaya kumar
May 26 2011
Dear bbs,
In homeopathy in almost all cases I have helped with, have had easy smooth delivery using single dose of Pulsatialla 1M. There are doctors who are of the opinion that it should be given in lower doses of 200 or 30C . But 1M has been mostly successful in most of the cases I had helped with. Usually the delivery hqppening smoothly within 30 to 45 minutes. However, individuals could behave differently. It is always adviseable to give the medicine under supervision of a doctor or after admission in the hospital because Pulsatilla is almost certain give more elasticity to the cervix and therfore maximal dilation is achieved. Thus the right time for giving Pulsatilla is at the end of first stage and before the second stage sets in. You may see for e.g.the stages in the following link.


with regards,


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