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navel displacement
Started by: sanju at April 13 2011

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navel displacement By: sanju
April 13 2011
I am suffering from navel displacement since last few years.
What I have noted is that I can feel pulsation 5-6 cm above the navel. At the same time I can feel the pulsation at navel also.

I think most probably due to this, I suffer from acidity, throat infection most of the times.
How can I cure this navel displacement? What should I do?

Re:navel displacement By: udaya kumar
April 13 2011
I hope you are the same person I redirected from Yahoo mail to here. I shall revert later. Please also let me know if you are suffering from either constipation or frequent diarrhea with stomach ache?


Re:navel displacement By: udaya kumar
April 13 2011
You did not answer my question.
Constipation or diarrhea would decide which
side the navel has displaced, up or down and would confirm what you have said as 5-6 cm above the navel. What method you used to check the position. Did you use the three finger technique for pulsation?

Method 1:
Do Uthanapadasan daily 5 repetitions.

Method 2:

Well the simple method as I have mentioned several times in this forum is to check the height of the thumb toes in both legs in a lying position keeping both thumbs together. Ask someone to keep the knee pressed in the leg which has lower thumb position. Pull gently the thumbs upward for 15 to 30 seconds while applying the pressure on the knees. The thumbs will now be of same height. If so, the correction has taken place.

Method 3.

Lie down on the belly. Ask a partner to help you with the correction. He should gently place is right leg on you back at the L4/L5 Catch the left hand and the right leg and simultaneously pull it towards the centre. Do the same with the other hand and leg.

Method No.4.

You should lie down on the belly and catch both ankles of the respective legs with the hands in the Chakrasana posture. Your partner who is more stronger than you with a strong back, should keep his legs on both sides of your waist and standing in that position, should catch hold of your wrist of both hands and lift you from the ground very gently to one inch above the ground, keep there for 10 seconds and bring you back to the ground, relax.

Method No. 5
This is a candle technique which I am not writing here, as it needs a bit expertise.

Method No.6 is using the hand to massage it down to position or up to position. This again needs expertise.

Best wishes.


Re:navel displacement By: caydonreng@hotmail.com
May 19 2012
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