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Peripheral Neuropathy
Started by: Jayashree at April 6 2011

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Re:Peripheral Neuropathy By: udaya kumar
August 18 2011
Aconite Napellus 6X, 12X, 30X to lessen tingling, numbness, burning undulating sensation, neuralgia, restlessness, shooting pains, back numb, insensibility of hands and feet, swollen;

Belladonna 3X, 6X, 12X, 30X to address shooting pains along limbs and pain in hips and thighs, facial neuralgia;

Ferrum Phosphoricum 6X, 12X is helpful for inflammations, burning sensations, sensitivity, pain in shoulder, hands swollen and painful;

Hypericum Perforatum 3X, 6X is for pain in toes and fingers, especially in limbs. Also improves neuritis that is accompanied with tingling, burning pain, or numbness. Neuralgia in the face;

Kali Phosphoricum 6X, help with physical and emotional nervousness. Lessens depression, emotional exhaustion and anxiety;

Magnesium Phosphoricum 12X is an anti-spasmodic to help with cramping of muscles with radiating pains, neuralgic pains; bronchial spasming.

Phosphorus 12X, 30X addresses pain in feet and hands, burning in the feet, lessens numbness with ascending sensory and motor paralysis from ends of fingers and toes;

Spigelia Anthelmia 3X, 6X, 30X is useful for agitation and anxiety, restless, neuralgia extending to arm or both arms, nervous system.

Lathyrus 30C for numbness, nerve sheath corrections.



Re:Peripheral Neuropathy By: mian
January 13 2015
Dear sir i m also suffering from diabetes type2 last 2years my age is 32 years i m feeling heart burn and pain in feet plz recommend medicine for i will be wait your,s kind reply
Best Regards

Re:Peripheral Neuropathy By: udaya kumar
January 14 2015
make a separate thread and describe yourself fully.


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