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Effective treatment for Pilonidal sinus
Started by: saurabhagarwal23@r at February 18 2011

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Effective treatment for Pilonidal sinus By: saurabhagarwal23@r
February 18 2011
Hello All,

Suffering from Pilonidal Sinus (PNS), Piles and fisher and disease on the same area....
Pilonidal Sinus and has no know reason till now.

Have your Doctor adviced you to go for minor or major operation....???
May be that Alopethic Doctor is your love/trusted one or Family Doctor..or you may have a
long year of treatment done from that surgeon/Doctor.
But frankly speaking you dont need to go for operation for the same disease...cos after surgery

Guaranted treatment without using a single cut....This is oldest Aurvedic treatment.
If you have trust please go for it...I can surely can help u out..
(This massage is being broadcasted in favour to public being suffering from
Pillonidal Sinus, Piles, Fisher etc)

Again Guarantee for not having it again..means after this treatment there will be no chance for
reoccurance...where as after surgory you will have to go for it again (50% chances)..
After Aurvedic treatment you will not have to go form much rest...You can walk from that day and drive
from another day...no precaution for any sort of diet...enjoy everything

This disease is mostly found in Males but Females are also not safe..and moreover you can not avoid
it by taking any medicine if you are doing it, you are playing with you life and making it severe.

I want to serve the people suffering from this disease..this is the only motive..

For further clarification you may reach out to me at saurabhagarwal23@rediffmail.com
or can directly call me at +91-9312299480

Key word : Pilonidal sinus, fisher, Piles, Suffering from PNS, Suffering from Pilonidal Sinus, Suffering from

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