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Started by: girilal at September 28 2006

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New Jersey USA
September 28 2006

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A Chemical Derived from Oil of Mustard-seed

Are solvent, externally and internally, for dissolving scar tissue, tumors, enlarged glands; lupus, strictures, adhesions. Ectropion, opacities of cornea, cataract, ankylosis, fibroids, scleroderma. Noises in ear. Suggested by Dr. A. S. Hard for retarding old age. A remedy for Tabes dorsalis, improving the lightning pains. Gastric, vesicle and rectal crises. Stricture of rectum, 2 grains twice daily.

Ear.--Arterio-sclerotic vertigo. Tinnitus. Catarrhal deafness with cicatricial thickening. Subacute suppurative otitis media, formation of fibrous bands impeding free movement of the ossicles. Thickened drum. Deafness due to some fibrous change in the nerve.

Dose.--Inject under skin, or, into the lesion a 10 per cent solution in glycerine and water, 15-30 drops twice a week. Internally in capsules 1/2 grain daily. Obstinate arterio-sclerotic ailments in doses of 1/2 grain, never more, 3 times a day. Vertigo and arthritis (Bartlett). 2x attenuation.


What is THIOSINAMINUM By: girilal
New Jersey USA
September 28 2006
Thiosinamium is obtained from the whole mustard seed.
Unrefined Mustard oil with pungent smell contains it but it is not easy to find any unrefined oil.

YES you can make THIOSINAMINUM at home. Use mustard seed paste.

Or best thing is to use Mustard sauce. Sauce obtained from Chineese stores is most pungent and best.

One drop of of Mustard Sauce or a pinch of mustard seed paste, mix it with 1 liter mineral/river/spring/bottled/canal/rain water
(in a 2 liter bottle).

Clean empty Soda water bottle would be fine.

Shake/bang the bottle vigorously.

This gives you 3C potency. To make 6C drain out the bottle
and without washing it add another 1 liter water. Just one drop hanging inside would be the base for next stage.

I recommend you to use 3c.


Virginia Beach
May 17 2009
Hey I read your article and i'm very curious about it because i've got tinnitus and have had it for over 3 years now. I'm ashamed to say I bought that "T-gone" crap. I think it's a waste of money, anyways I had lot's of trouble finding "mustard sauce" I did buy some mustard powder, will this in some form/remedy help me?
If so how to I take it/apply it or make it? Or did I waste my money again? It was only $3.45 a can. I just recently bought a bottle (pil form) of "Wobenzym N" will this help me?


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