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Started by: girilal at September 27 2006

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New Jersey USA
September 27 2006

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Nitrate of Uranium

Causes glycosuria and increased urine. Is known to produce nephritis, diabetes, degeneration of the liver, high blood pressure and dropsy. Its therapeutic keynote is great emaciation, debility and tendency to ascites and general dropsy. Backache and delayed menses. Dry mucous membranes and skin.

Head.--Ill-tempered; dull, heavy pain. Nostrils sore, with purulent, acrid discharge. Mental depression.

Eyes.--Lids inflamed and agglutinated; styes.

Stomach.--Excessive thirst; nausea; vomiting. Ravenous appetite; eating followed by flatulence. Boring pain in pyloric region. Gastric and duodenal ulcers. Burning pain. Abdomen bloated. Gas, second only to Lycop.

Urinary.--Copious urination. Diuresis. Incontinence of urine. Diabetes. Emaciation and tympanites. Burning in urethra, with very acid urine. Unable to retain urine without pain. Enuresis (Mullein oil).

Male.--Complete impotency, with nocturnal emissions. Organs cold, relaxed sweaty.

Relationship.--Compare: Syzygium; Phos ac; Lact ac; Arg nit; Kali bich; Ars; Phloridzin (a glucosidal principle obtained from the bark of the root of the apple and other fruit trees. Produces diabetes and fatty degeneration of the liver; intermittent fever. Daily doses, 15 grains. Phlorizin causes glycosuria. No hyperglycemia results. It compels the secretory epithelium of the kidney to break down serum albumin into sugar. There is no increase in blood sugar).

Dose.--Second trituration.


How to make URANIUM at home. By: girilal
New Jersey USA
September 28 2006
How to make Uranium at home

Commercially Uranium Nitrate is available so it is potentized to make medicine. People rarely know that inner core of all rocks contain Uranium as well Thorium. Red granite rocks contains most of the homeopathy grade Uranium. But external surface of rock has exhausted uranium but giving away radiations so use inner portion of the stones.

1. Find some natural granite pebbles; make sure the rock pieces are reddish in color. Reddish rocks contain uranium.

2. Break the pebbles up with a hammer, use a small portion from the inner stone, and do not use any piece of outer crust. This would give you Uranium-10C (approximately). Semi Transparent Rock should give you Silica 6x-6c

3. Make sure the stones are dry, or just let them stay in sunlight for an hour or two.

4. Stones should be about 20 grams.

5. Now put the stones on a clean metal surface and beat the stone with hammer. In other way you beat up the rock real fine.

6. When you think you canít beat up the rock any more you stop.

7. Put the powder in a one litter mineral water bottle.

8. Shake it and let it settle for 10 minutes.

9. After 10 minutes heavier rock will settle down at the bottom but water will be still murky because of the micro silica particles.

10. Remove top 1/3 of the liquid without shaking the bottle.

That is your medicine. Use two drops three times a day just like any homeopathy medicine. You may see the results in just two days. All homemade medicines cause wonders to happen.


September 5 2009
Girilal, I'm interested in knowing more about uranium nitricum. Do you have any info on cases who have used? Do you know if it possible to find Hahnemann's orginal research on it? Thanks

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