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Nereve weakness due to homeopathy
Started by: osteo at August 15 2010

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Nereve weakness due to homeopathy By: osteo
August 15 2010
came accross several people now who have complained that, they have developed nerve/neurological weakness due to homeopathy. patients were taking homeopathy for backache, high BP, hair loss etc and some have them developed this nerve weakness in one or the other form, like vertigo, pulse rate variations, bp variations, excessive sleep, angina pain, lethargy during day.. they were the new symptoms that developed after taking homeopathy..

earlier i used to ignore them, but few incidents is starting to shake my confidence in homeopathy..

i would like to have membes opinion for it? can homeopathy cause it ? or it could be something else ?

Re:Nereve weakness due to homeopathy By: Dr.Saravanan
August 16 2010
Homeopathic remedies if selected and administered according to the Principles of Homeopathy can never produce such discomfort.

Re:Nereve weakness due to homeopathy By: shuddha
August 16 2010
Please observe the words 'if selected and administered according to the Principles of Homeopathy'. This is very important. Very wisely said. If otherwise, happens there to be misuse or abuse, YES. It is possible. Homeopathy remedies are dispensed in sugar balls and are tasty. So natural tendency is to consume some, even if there is no necessity. It has been noticed in the past, that such misuses had been there with some patients. There is no distinction between classical homeopathy or otherwise in this matter.


Re:Nereve weakness due to homeopathy By: osteo
August 23 2010
did you had any bad experience?

Re:Nereve weakness due to homeopathy By: shuddha
August 23 2010
Yes. I was treated by a local homeo doctor who had no formal education of degree in homeopathy. I was given large doses of Bryonia for stiff neck and headache. It was quite high in potency. I had very bad sufferings out of that. It happened about seven eight years back. I had to struggle to come out of that problem. Fortunately I had very senior doctor in homeopathy as my friend and he helped me to come out of the problem.

But it is not that I only had the suffering this way. I have seen many others suffer this type of problems because of overdosing. My own brother-in-law was given Ignitia 1M daily for three months and after effect was very bad. It was prescribed by a qualified doctor who holds a valid BHMS degree !!!!!!!!!!


Re:Nereve weakness due to homeopathy By: M.A. Rana
August 25 2010
Dear all

i acknowledge the finding you got after using of the Homoepathic remedies but i will not call it bad effects. what i experience that all these symptoms are part of the sickness. either such symptoms could had come in past or would be symptoms. on the same time it is going side by side but people dose not notice.Now as some proble writen in first mail, Backach, Hair loss, BP, or many other even diebitic could be due Nerve weakness.
I have read many medicine which has broght the symptoms and then removed by the same medicine however sometime you have to use small potiency to rid off such symptoms.

Let me write you one of my experience and this had happend with me only. Once i used DIGITALIS 30 and i got badly damaged. my body was cold and with full of cold sweapting. i was not having any heart problem. this all happend with in few mints. later, about two years my father died with heart attack. Now you can decide, it was bad effect or good effect. I want to try again.

This is God who bless Life & health but no one else

Re:Nereve weakness due to homeopathy By: vajraj
February 24 2011
Weak nerves due to homeopathy or homeopathy being witchcraft are the general propaganda items of traditional doctors.
Homeopathy can never do this unless you ignore totality of symptoms and choose to give a half heartedly proven accepted remedy on a single symptom such as Rauwolfia for hypertension.

Re:Nereve weakness due to homeopathy By: M.A. Rana
February 28 2011
i am practicing homeopathic from last 20 years and having many case which were not expected to be in shape what has happend. let me tell you in details.

1) Homeopathic never give any problem until it is already in side the body. Yes, i do agree that it was not on surface or may be it happend in long past and patient is forgetten. For example:
i have two cases of two different children. One of them has taken Conium 200 5 tablets at the time and other has taken Arnica 30 about 20 tablets at the time. The result was Zero.
However, Homeopathic medicine bring some symptoms of medicine into patient if the Vital force of Patient or Nerve weakness is already prevalling in them. In this case never use any remedy less then 200 potency. i am starting treatment with 30 potiency which is very safe.
2) Doses repeation is very improtant. take the remedy and once it start responding you then do not repeat until your body demand it. i never use any medicine more then 2-3 times and it is also very rear. First dose is enough most of time. I do not say that it make 100% but it bring the symptoms of other medicine. This is the reason i use to tale in gathering that Hospital is very improtant for the petionat of Homeopathic because some times you have to observe them step by step.
However, i have seen and listen that some Doctors are giving one bottle to patient and asking them to use 5,10 or 15 drops 3 or 2 times and day for weeks and weeks or months. this is tottaly wrong in homeopathic practices.
Let me write you one of my practice, i start treatment with Phos. Acid 30 or China 30 if i found patient week in Vital Force or in Nerve.

This is God who bless Life & health but no one else

dddddddddddd By: stressedgirl
February 28 2011

Re:Nereve weakness due to homeopathy By: kitten
March 1 2011
The very high doses of homeopathy are most likely to create negative experiences.

Re:Nereve weakness due to homeopathy By: lal_anar
December 8 2011
duration of homeopathy remedies depends on ailments.
Like High BP, Diabetes, Epilsepy,
There is no complete cure of epilepsy, High BP, diabetes in homeopathy or allopathy.
Patients need to take either homeo, allopathy or both daily for a life.
but there are good chances patient can reduce the potency and duration of remedies once start feeling better but can never ever try to stop them completely.

Re:Nereve weakness due to homeopathy By: udaya kumar
December 8 2011
I believe homeopathic system can cure epilepsy, BP, diabetes etc. All cases may not be successful as each individual is unique, and homeopathic pharmacopoeia has been neglected for a long period of time that less medicines have been proved. I believe that all substance in the universe has a medicinal property. To find that property through homeopathy can be done only through proving on human beings. If the homeopathic medicinal property of every substance in the universe is known, there can be no incurable diseases.


Re:Nereve weakness due to homeopathy By: lal_anar
December 8 2011
but there are many patients taking homeo remedies daily to control if they stop BP or Sugar level increases

Re:Nereve weakness due to homeopathy By: udaya kumar
December 8 2011
They have not struck the right medicine. Nor I say I am capable of finding it.


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