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Severe menstrual pain and cramping + migraine
Started by: DelicateOrchid at May 18 2010

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Severe menstrual pain and cramping + migraine By: DelicateOrchid
Portland, Oregon
May 18 2010
Severe menstrual pain and cramping.. very light period with black blood clothes-- 1 to 2 days, some months i dont even get my period.. i also get really bad migraines the day before my period as well..
can you help me?

Re:Severe menstrual pain and cramping + migraine By: udaya kumar
May 19 2010
Check the mind symptoms and female symptoms of all the following medicines from the link given below and tell me which medicine suits you overall and why:
For migraine:

Belladonna: Migraines that start in the back of the skull or upper neck and spread to the forehead and temple (especially on the right) may indicate a need for this remedy. Pain is throbbing or pounding, and worse from jarring, light, and noise. Headaches often begin in late morning or afternoon, and may be worst around three p.m. The face may be flushed and red, and the skin feels hot, although the feet and hands are often cold. The pupils may be dilated, with sensitivity to light, and the person may either feel delirious or drowsy.

Bryonia: Heavy or “splitting” headache, with steady pain that settles over one eye (usually left) or spreads to the entire head. Pain aggravates from motion,even from moving the eyes, and the person wants to lie still and not be talked to or disturbed. Dry mouth, or dry cough, and thirsty.

Cimicifuga: Migraines with throbbing pains (“as if the top of the head would fly open”) or shooting pains in the eyes. Associated with menstrual period or on long-term study or worrying. The muscles of the neck, very stiff and painful. Feels mentally dull and gloomy, or even fearful. Pain worse from motion and improved by eating.

Cyclamen: Migraines that start with flickering in the eyes, dim vision, or dizziness, often right-sided and may involve the ear-ache or itch. The person feels very weak,sick, and thirsty, very sensitive to cold, and worse from open air. Subject is sympathetic and emotional; they often have an anxious or remorseful feeling of having neglected some responsibility.

Gelsemium: The person feels weak and lethargic, with a heavy feeling in the face and eyes, and droopy eyes with diminished vision. Pain mostly felt in the back of the head and muscles of the neck. Chills run up and down the spine. Pain often is relieved by urinating.

Ignatia: Migraines in sensitive people, Headaches after emotional upsets or by grief. May feel as if a nail is driven in. Twitching in the face or spasms in the muscles of the neck and back frequently occur. Sighs or yawns, weep or “hysterical.”

Iris versicolor: Intense migraines with blurry vision and pain that extends to the face and teeth, along with vomiting and a burning feeling in the throat and stomach, better by motion.

Kali bichromicum: Migraines with excruciating pain that is felt in little spots, or pain that settles over the eyebrows (or one eye).

Lachesis: Left-sided migraines with congested, pulsing pain that is worse from pressure or tight clothing may respond to this remedy.

Natrum muriaticum: Migraines (often on the right) that are worse from grief or emotional upsets, worse from too much sun, or occur just before or after the menstrual period, The headache like “a thousand little hammers were knocking on the brain”

Sanguinaria: Right-sided migraines with tension in the neck and shoulder, extending to the forehead with a bursting feeling in the eye, are often relieved with this remedy.

Sepia: Left-sided migraines with dizziness and nausea, worse from missing meals, and worse near menstrual periods. Pain may be in shocks or jerks, worse indoors and from lying on the painful side.

Silicea : Migraines after mental exertion or near the menstrual period Very chilly person. Usually right-sided headache, starting in the back of the head , extending to the forehead, worse from cold wind or from going out in the cold without covering the head. Feel better from lying in a dark, warm room or covering the head.

Spigelia: Excruciating headaches on the left side of the head, with violent throbbing, or stitching pains above or through the eyeball,

For immediate relief use one dose of cuprum met 30 during menstruation for cramps. And use three doses of Pulsatilla for one day before expected date of menstruation.


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