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creaking knee
Started by: sanjay5 at May 13 2010

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creaking knee By: sanjay5
May 13 2010
Any remedy for this - no pain, just creaks when climbing stairs.

Re:creaking knee By: udaya kumar
May 14 2010
Use Argentum met 6C three times a day alongwith Natrum Mur 30 three times a day for a three days and report. with
best wishes.


Re:creaking knee By: zia ahmad
Islamabad, Pakistam
May 17 2010
Dear Udaya
I have a similar problem and my knees always creak during movements. I have never paid any attention to it as I never experienced any pain or discomfort. I have a friend who specializes in Rheumatology. Once while examining my knees, he told me this might be a sign of pre-arthritis. I would like your advice and remedies for keeping my knees healthy and free from arthritis in future. I am 5' 9'' and weigh 200 lbs.

Warm regards and hope that you are enjoying your trip


Re:creaking knee By: udaya kumar
May 18 2010
Usually creaking of the knees is a sign of lack of sinovial fluid. It could happen with age and degeneration of the bones at the joint, eventually may lead to osteoarthritis. Natrum Mur can certainly help here with Pulsatilla and Bryonia and also Argentum Met 6C as well as Ruta G depending on the stage in which the problem is. Keeping Til oil (pure gingelly or sesame oil) in the mouth and swishing (mixing inside the mouth) until it turns white colour completely and then spitting it off would induce sinovial fluid in the joints. Doing Kapala Bhatti daily can also induce sinovial fluid in the joints. The medicines mentioned above are also helpful. with best wishes and warm regards.


Re:creaking knee By: sanjay5
May 18 2010

I took Nat Mur and Arg Met as suggested by you for three days. The creaking has changed to a click only when climbing stairs. I also had increased acidity and painful gums during the three days that I took both.

I have been doing Kapalbhati and Anulom Vilom for a long time (have increased to 20 / 15 Minute duration for each).

Could there be another reason for this for someone under 40?


Re:creaking knee By: udaya kumar
May 19 2010
Continue with Natrum Mur 30 and you will be ok within a few days. There can be other reasons which are mostly sports injury related. i.e spraining, twisting, tears, breakage, bruise of bones, crumbling of bones, bone density loss, etc.etc.Use one dose of Nux Vomica 30 for the other symptoms mentioned by you. with best wishes.


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