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Gall stones !!! Dear Udaya
Started by: shuddha at April 9 2010

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Gall stones !!! Dear Udaya By: shuddha
April 9 2010
After month's of struggle, it has been diagnosed that my wife 51, got the stomach problems because of gall stones. Scan proved it. Additionally, scan showed thickening of gall bladder walls by 3 mm.

Now what would be the best treatment? Card marinus Q, Chellodinum Q, Chloristorinum 3x tabs, berb vulg 6c? Or the natural olive oil and lemon juice? I always adore your diagnosis and treatment.

Re:Gall stones !!! Dear Udaya By: udaya kumar
April 9 2010
Dear Shuddha,
The treatment depends upon the size of the gall stones. The olive oil and lemon juice is certainly effective in small stones of upto 6 or 10mm. Beyond that I do not think that it is going to be effective. As far as medicines are concerned. I have effectively used Calcarea Carb 200 and Belladonna 200 to control the pain. Colocynthis also will help here. The medicines of value and must be used are :
1. Berberis Vulgaris Q.
2. Hydrangea Q
3. Pareira Brava Q
4. Fel Taur Q.
5. Chionanthus Q
6. Cholesterinum 3X.
7. Pulsatilla 30 (for burping) and oil related dyspepsia.
8. Arnica 30
9. Arsenic Sulph rub 200 if there is fever.
with Colic.
10 Calculus Billiari 12X
11. Carduus mar Q prevents further formation.
12. If there is obstructions, with constipation, and pale jaundiced skin, gastric disturbances, use Chelidonium 200/Hyfdrastis 30

Use the medicines according to symptoms prevailing, the medicines at 1 to 5 can be used together as one combination in half a glass of water. with best wishes.


Re:Gall stones !!! Dear Udaya By: Dr Abhishek
April 10 2010
Dear shuddha, sorry to interrupt but have a go for R 7,R 1 & R 37 of Dr Reckeweg if you wish to remove gall stones without surgery.


Dr Abhishek Mukherjee

Re:Gall stones !!! Dear Udaya By: shuddha
April 21 2010
Thank you very much Dr Abhshek. But I have had some problems with combination remedies.

Respected Udaya,

The Olive Oil formula seems to have worked well. The scan showed sand like stones in the gall bladder. Five days of Apple juice and on the sixth day epsom salt twice and olive oil with lemon juice produced green patches with motion. I have not taken scan after this.

But the stomach condition has not improved to full extent. Today, she took rava 'uppuma', a preparation with suji and the problem surfaced greatly. But the mother tincture combination is being continued, though not thrice, but today only once. When will this problem disappear fully? Your kind opinion please.

Re:Gall stones !!! Dear Udaya By: udaya kumar
April 21 2010
Dear Shuddhaji,
We have a notion that the Rava is easily digestible and therefore it is given when a person is sick. No that is not a fact, Rava takes the longest time for digestion and cause a lot of acidity, and distention. It is alsmost Varjyam (denied) food for people with gall bladder stones. You can repeat the Olive oil treatment, and if the stones are small it will certainly go out through the stools. Use Pulsatilla 30 to calm down the stomach and continue with Q comination for one more week. Take a further scan. If the bladder is rid of stones we may resort to measures for its non formation. Calcarea Carb 200, Cholesterinum 3X would help here a lot along with urtica urens and oxalic acid according to the type of stone. with best wishes.


Re:Gall stones !!! Dear Udaya By: shuddha
April 22 2010
Thank you very much Udaya. I shall take one more scan and see whether the stones or sands have gone out fully.

In the meanwhile, one more observation in the last scan was that gallbladder was appearing shrunk, not very healthy. The sonologist asked whether she came on fasting stomach. It is not that it is greatly shrunk, but slightly small. Whether it is by birth or not is not known, as she had been a healthy individual without any necessity for any treatment, for 50 years. I think she had tonsils operation in the early years. Other than that she never had any problem, sans stomach problem about 10 years back, which got cured by simple ppi's. Does this mean anything in this context?

Thank you again for your help.


Re:Gall stones !!! Dear Udaya By: udaya kumar
April 23 2010
I had got done around four ultra sound scans on a particular patient and everytime the ultrasound came out differently. the size of the stone, the shadow falling, the shrinking, the report etc.were all different. In one case they could not measure the stones correctly because they were said to have been glued together. That was after the olive oil treatment. The man behind the ultrasound, the machine behind the ultrasound, the chemical changes in the body of the patient on the particular day all and many more aspects seems to have influence on the results. Shrinking is normally not considered as a good sign. .


Re:Gall stones !!! Dear Udaya By: shuddha
August 11 2011
Respected Udaya,

Urgent help needed for my wife. Her gall stone is now of the size of about 1.2 cm and it is dangerously positioned at the neck of gall bladder duct. It it slips and comes into the common bile duct, it may give rise to obstructive Jaundice and the outcomes are well known.

I am not sure whether operation is the only solution to this problem, but until the operation is performed, THE PAIN IS INTENSE. I gave Calc Carb 200c + Bell 200c in wet dose hourly, there is no reduction or it very minimal.

She is suffering so much that her hands and feet are chill, sweating, mentally down etc.. In the meanwhile gastric symptoms like empty eructations etc.. are also there. Any amount of CV, ARG Nit, ARS in 30c do not help her. Everything short of fainting happens to her.

I request you to reply me at the earliest.


Re:Gall stones !!! Dear Udaya By: udaya kumar
August 11 2011
Choledocholithiasis or Cholangitis are serious conditions and would need surgical intervention. Use of Hydrangea, Pareira Brava, Beriberis Vulgaris, in Q with Pulsatilla 30 should help. The pain can be contained and cleared if you take her to the hospital and during the same period the stones may come out even and therefore, I would ask you to take her to the hospital as the pain not endurable could become serious.


Re:Gall stones !!! Dear Udaya By: udaya kumar
August 11 2011
Use the following medicines also. Calculus Bilary 12X every three hours. Arsenic Sulph Rub.200. When the pain is managed, Chelidonium 200 may be used to abort Jaundice. But the pain should be managed Take her to doctor to manage it. It is possible that the medicines given will stop the pain before she reaches there. But take her to doctor is a must. . Do not take risk.

Use Calcarea Carb and Belladonna half hourly


Re:Gall stones !!! Dear Udaya By: emmetteyin@hotmail.com
February 24 2012
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Gall stones since 2007 By: sandeepyeole
September 13 2012
I am suffering from gall stone since 2007. I tried Berberis vulgaris q,Chelid majas Q,Cardus Q, along with cholistonium 3x. But the size the gall stones remain same. I have not tried medince after that and now the size is 3.5-5mm. Shall I try the olive oil with lemon juice formula? Second thing is shall I try Calculi Billiari 30c???? Please advice.

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