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Udaya Kumar
Started by: szqq59 at April 9 2010

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Udaya Kumar By: szqq59
April 9 2010
cydonia vulgaris / Sabelserilota-Q
Hi Doctors.
i need to know which one of the above medicine is best with olive oil external penis message?
Which give best result Enlargement/Thiknessand girth?????

Re:Udaya Kumar By: udaya kumar
April 9 2010
Cydonia vulgaris should help you in homeopathic potencies Sabal Serrulata may not. Sebal function is around sexual debility, and basically works on prostates, wasting of testes and loss of sexual power. While it may function indirectly in promoting nutrition and tissue building, its role as enlarging is debatable though erections may be achieved. Cydonia is supposed to achieve what you are looking for as per boericke and a note to that effect can be seen under Cinchona Offianalis. Benefits can be achieved from Lycopodium and Quinidinum as well as Ginseng and Ginkgo biloba alongwith Nux Vomica. However, the external uses are not known to me, though use of olive oil is known to decrease the pressure and therefore counterproductive. Perhaps Olive leaves extract could be a better option. Cydonia Vulgaris may be used in 200C potency once a day before food in the morning. Caution is attached as these are not well proven medicines and risk attached to it is at the risk of the one who experiments, as no antidotes are known to me for cydonia or quinidinum. .


Re:Udaya Kumar By: szqq59
April 11 2010
Thanks Udaya.

My son age is 24 he will be marriage in coming december but due to lots of masturbation as you know so much problem are occuring same case is with him...
now what should you suggest him
for good and hard erection ans sperm qualty and quantity increase?

Re:Udaya Kumar By: udaya kumar
April 11 2010
May be you could use a few doses of Staphisagria 30 and then try with Cydonia. I have not treated such a case, so I am unable to guide you properly. With regards.


Re:Udaya Kumar By: levitrechiev@hotmail.com
March 17 2012
When is the best time to get pregnant?
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There are three thing you should know is your asking, when is the best time to get pregnant.
You can get pregnant at anytime of the month but at certain times you are much more likely to conceive. First you should find out when you are most fertile. This means that you can time intercourse when your body is as ready as possible. Your body adapts to make conceiving as easy as possible. Don't work against your body, work with it. A woman's body creates more estrogen to allow the sperm to survive and 'swim' easier, increasing the chances of the sperm reaching the egg. You may notice this as vaginal secretion, a thick raw egg type fluid.
Ovulation usually happens 12-14 days before your period. The egg can live for 12-24 hours and the sperm can live for 2-3 days on average. Though it can live for 5-6 days at maximum. Even with correct timing, only 20% of couples will get pregnant the first time they try but 80% will become pregnant within the first few months. You have 5 days during ovulation and having sex during this period is the best time to get pregnant.

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