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Bach Flower remedies antidote
Started by: taimur at March 4 2010

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Bach Flower remedies antidote By: taimur
March 4 2010

I would like to know if bach flower remedies can be antidoted like the homeopathic remedies. I took the bach flower remedy olive a while back and since have has some rather bad effects. My skin has turned a little darker and i have been having very dry skin ever since. Also i think i had some alergic reaction to it as my skin has been getting inflmamed as well but it is mostly on my face. Can nux have nay effects on bach flower remedies.

Re:Bach Flower remedies antidote By: HomeoEnthusiast
March 5 2010
"The remedies to be described are beneficent in action, and cause no aggravation nor reaction for their effect is to uplift"

- Dr Edward Bach, 1930

Now, for what condition did you take Olive?


Re:Bach Flower remedies antidote By: taimur
March 6 2010
The remedy did uplift me whne i took one single dose of 2 drops in some water the first time. However after i took the second dose that is when all kinds of reactions happend.

I became hyper active and it had really bad effects on my skin...made my hair very thick and coarse...started felling very hot and skin became dry and darker. This could be an allergic reaction of somewhat as ppl can be allergic to flowers.

I would now like to know if i can take any homeopathic remdies to off set these effects of the skin etc...i was thinking of trying nux vomica.

Re:Bach Flower remedies antidote By: garcot
March 6 2010

The nature's rules are very simple. If you believe, "like cures like",

Then, what caused the problem, should cure the problem.

So, take one more dose of the same BFR, and your problems should vanish. One possible correction, you can make is to dilute those 2 drops in more water and take the same.

you said:
The remedy did uplift me whne i took one single dose of 2 drops in some water the first time. However after i took the second dose that is when all kinds of reactions happend.

In the first place, you have violated the basic rule of homeopathy, that is not to repeat when the previous dose is still giving you good relief.

you said:
This could be an allergic reaction of somewhat as ppl can be allergic to flowers.

Then, you should have reacted immediately after the 1st dose.


"wisdom in your body is deeper than your deepest philosophy"(Nietszche)

Re:Bach Flower remedies antidote By: HomeoEnthusiast
March 7 2010
dear garcot,
Please do not analyze the Bach Flowers in a homeopathic fashion - the exact rules of homeopathic administration of remedies does not work here. If some remedy helped a little bit, it may be taken repeatedly until it is seen that it does not help any further, at which point, the case has to be reviewed. It is not that we stop taking the remedy as soon as we see some good / striking positive progress. the rule is, as long as a remedy is helping, take it. This is in contrast to homeopathy where the remedy is stopped the moment when a striking change (towards cure / aggravation) is observed in the patient.

But BFR therapy may also be faced with a "Healing Crisis" - at which point the remedy which is thought of as the cause may be suspended and a few doses of Rescue Remedy may be apt to be taken. (It is not the remedies that cause such a situation, rather the healing process causes the crisis). Underlying emotions / old issues may be brought out to the forefront, awaiting to be treated with the correct Flowers. I was reading a book, "Pocket Guide to Bach Flower Essences" By Rachelle Hasnas - where this subject is dealt nicely.

you may read the relevant portion online:

For Olive, this is what Dr Bach says,
"Those who have suffered much mentally or physically and are so exhausted and weary that they feel they have no more strength to make any effort. Daily life is hard work for them, without pleasure."

taimur, was your original problem for which you took Olive solved? and did you take the Original Bach Flower Essence or did you take a diluted version of it as is widely available in India?


Re:Bach Flower remedies antidote By: user123
March 7 2010
Echinacea may work if the flower remedy dilution had any adulteration.

Re:Bach Flower remedies antidote By: user123
March 8 2010
The another problem with Bach Flower Remedies in India is that the companies like Bhandari are selling BFR in 30 potency, so whether BFR in 30 potency can be safely repeated daily over a long period of time?

Re:Bach Flower remedies antidote By: HomeoEnthusiast
March 8 2010
dear user123,
i too have seen BFR in some pharmacies labelled as 30, 200 etc. i once met a BFR specialist who prescribed me Scleranthus 200 - he specifically told his assistant, "200".

Upon enquiry, a pharmacist informed me that it is diluted but not succussed. I will get you some more info on this.

I do not think the Original BFR have a DILUTION more than 5X for that matter.


Re:Bach Flower remedies antidote By: taimur
March 8 2010
I am here in USA and i used the bach flower remedy which is sold in a 5x dilution. I really cant say whether the remedy helped me in any way as it caused a lot of emotional turmoil as well as bad physical effects.

I will not be repeating this remedy and I have posted on this forum so that i might get some help for the problems that I have developed due to the remedy.

I dont think it has healed anything in me infact like i have said caused worse effects on skin etc.

I would like some advise as to what homeopathic remedies i might be able to use to ease these effects. Thanks

Re:Bach Flower remedies antidote By: user123
March 9 2010
*Please describe your mental state like you are irritable, calm, worried, depressed, frustrated etc. How are your relations with your close relatives and friends?

*Please describe your other physical symptoms like headache, backache etc.

*You prefer cold environment and open air or do you prefer warm surroundings.

*At what time of day you as an individual feel better and worse like better in the morning and worse at night.

*How is your sleep?

*How is sweat? It is less, more or normal? Where do you sweat more like in armpits, head etc.

*How is your thirst for water, cold drinks and hot drinks?

*Whether the complaints aggravate after movements or while taking rest.

*How is your bowel movement? Constipated, loose or normal. How is the digestion?

*Are you able to satisfy your sexual desires?

Re:Bach Flower remedies antidote By: delullotuz@hotmail.com
September 7 2012
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