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Tooth ache- root canal
Started by: shiva at April 7 2009

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Tooth ache- root canal By: shiva
April 7 2009
Dear forum memers,
I am suffering from tooth ache since last five days. The trouble is in the last two teeth on lower left jaw. These are slightly loose and decay teeth. There is no swelling on gum. Hot or cold water hardly alter the intensity of pain.. But pain increases after meal. There is a constant pain at the root of the teeth and pain transmits to the gum of upper jaw also. The lips and throat remain dry all the time. From yesterday, I am feeling feeble pain in the lower tonsil while swallowing any food or drink. I can realize the pain even on pressing the left tonsil by finger. Whenever pain increases the body becomes feverish. I have tried to reduce my pain by using - Mouth wash with calendula Q and Plantago Q externally and taking Hypericum 200 ( wet) 4 hourly. . But it gave me very temporary relief. As the pain transmitted to the throat, I am afraid that the teeth are infected.

Kindly suggest some remedy

Re: Tooth ache- root canal By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
April 7 2009
I have recommended Arnica 30c pellets to be taken prior to an extraction and immediately after. It has invariably helped the patients who did not experience any bleeding nor any throbbing pain after surgery, which would normally have required an analgesic after the anesthetic wore off.

Your case is different but it may be worth taking Arnica 30c dose 3 pellets 3 times daily to check if they can reduce your pain. The fact that your tonsil is also sensitive can indicate that the bacteria from the tooth is affecting the tonsil which is the first line of defense to prevent further infection downwards. You may have to take an antibiotic to treat the infection if the Arnica does not help and you will take advice from your doctor who will most likely prescribe Amoxicillin.

Please report your response if you use Arnica.

I have had a report recently on this Forum that Nat Phos 6x helps to fix loose teeth. I have no proof except what was reported here but you too might like to use it. Dose 2 tablets taken 3 times daily.

Re:Tooth ache- root canal By: udaya kumar
April 7 2009
Arnica should work if not, as a left sided remedy use Spigelia 30 for trigeminal nerve pain. Once the pain subsides, treat the malady with chamomilla, Belladonna, Kreosotum,staphisagria, mag phos as per symptoms.

Start with Arnica is a must as toothache is sometimes connected with heart and Arnica will abort that
and correct with even a single dose.


Re:Tooth ache- root canal By: shiva
April 9 2009
Thanks Joe and Udaya for your suggestions.
Yes. I tried Arnica 30 . It acted as a pain killer for about two hours. The bacteria infection from the teeth moved downward to the throat . I compelled to visit the dental surgeon. He confirmed the root is badly infected and attacked the gland also.He prescribed
Amoxicillin.500 TDS x4days and metrozil 200.. I have started the medicines . The progress is slow but it made me very weak .
Can I take Nux Vom 30 one dose a day against ill effect of antibiotic drugs ? After complition of the antibiotic course , I want to take homeo remedy for root canal treatment.

Re:Tooth ache- root canal By: satyendrarw
April 10 2009
Try Pyrogenum - CM before resorting to any surgical procedure. Chances are, you will not need any

Homeopathy Cures Well

Re: Tooth ache- root canal By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
April 10 2009
If the Amoxicillin 500mg and Metronidazole do not control the infection in your tooth which has also spread to your throat, you are advised to have the tooth extracted as it will be the focus of infection in the future in spite of your root canal procedure.

Re:Tooth ache- root canal By: shiva
April 13 2009
Yes. The antibiotic drug has controlled the infection after complition of its course. Pain in the root of the teeth as weel as in throat are over. Now, I am feeling very mild pain in the whole lower gum from left to right . Is it the indication that the bacteria is not completely aborted .
I have only two teeth in extreme left and two teeth in the extreme right on the lower gum. The remaining had already been extracted long before. Occassionally, I feel mild pain in the above four teeth.
The dental surgeon has suggested for extraction of both the affected teeth on left side. But I hesitate to do. The teeth are not so loose and it is the first time I have taken antibiotic drug to arrest the pain.

Do you suggest any homeo remedy for my above teeth trouble -- root canal treatment and pain in gum .

Re: Tooth ache- root canal By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
April 14 2009
You can take Arnica dose 2 pellets taken 3 times daily sublingually with Nat Phos 6x for a few days and see if it helps your problem.

Root canal procedure will help to maintain your teeth in your lower jaw as long as the teeth themselves are not loose and Nat Phos should help in this regard.

Re:Tooth ache- root canal By: shiva
April 14 2009
Thanks Joe.
Arnica 30 (wet dose) and Nat Phos 6X twice daily are my default remedies. These are stopped during allopathy treatment. Now, you have suggested Arnica 30 in pellets. Before starting the remedy, I want to apprise that after completion of the antibiotic drug, I am feeling a pain in the outer side of left heel . The pain starts only on walking and on stretching the heel. There is no other sensation except pain.

I had taken Nux V 30 two dose for ill effect of antibiotic drug.
As all my problems are on left side of my body , I had taken two dose
Spigelia 30 .But there is no improvement yet.

Can I take any other remedy along with Arnica and Nat phos to arrest the heel pain.

Re: Tooth ache- root canal By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
April 15 2009
I do not think that the pain you are experiencing in your heel has any connection with your teeth.

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