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Mosquito Bites
Started by: Jayashree at July 31 2008

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Mosquito Bites By: Jayashree
Calcutta, India
July 31 2008
My husband has to go to a place everyday where there are scores of mosquitoes. Is there any medicine which will PREVENT the mosquitoes from biting??

Jayashree Kanoi

Re:Mosquito Bites By: udaya kumar
July 31 2008
Staphysagria 6C three times a day is said to ward off mosquito bites and I have found it effective as I use these medicines often and if I sit with a group of people, I am mostly not bitten by mosquitoes but others are. For itching I have found Ledum pal in any potency used directly over the bite, immediately relieve the itching and burning.

Dr.Khaneja prescribes Azadirachta Indica 2% with 98% coconut oil or baby oil and Margosa Q applied on the exposed parts said to ward off the mosquito bites. I have not tried this. But with the bitterness of margosa, I am sure no mosquito will venture to come near those germicides. with best wishes.


Re:Mosquito Bites By: Jayashree
Calcutta, India
July 31 2008
Thanks Udaya.

Jayashree Kanoi

Re:Mosquito Bites By: gavinimurthy
August 1 2008
I too read about staphysagria being used as a prophylactic. Ledum will undoubetedly help with the itch after getting bitten.

I personally use 'odomos' cream whenever I have to be outside at nights. I never had any adverse effects with it's application.

"New Advanced Odomos uses a formula containing N N Diethyl benzamide, which masks the distinctive body odour which your skin emits. Therefore the mosquito cannot detect you through your body odour.

In effect, you have become invisible to the mosquito.
The mosquito is unharmed and so are you, but it won't bite you, because it cannot perceive you."



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