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Dill [Herb]
Started by: Jayashree at July 31 2008

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Dill [Herb] By: Jayashree
Calcutta, India
July 31 2008
You wouldn't think of dill being a medicinal herb-but it is! It is used to relieve flatulence and upset stomachs. It helps increase mother's milk and helps with breast congestion which sometimes comes with breastfeeding. It stimulates the appetite and is generally beneficial to the stomach. Drink a tea made from dill seed or weed several times a day for the treatment of these ailments, and feed a little to your colic baby for gentle relief!
The folklore that surrounds dill includes the protective properties it holds. It was placed in the baby's cradle and over door jams for this protection it serves. It was used in money spells, added to baths to make bathers irresistible, and smelled to cure hiccups.
Dill is native to the Mediterranean and Russia and also in Spain. The plant is grown in the herb garden towards the back for it grows to be about 2-3 feet with ferny type leaves which makes for a pretty background to other herbs. It is an annual plant grown mostly from seed which produces heads of tiny yellow flowers. It does prefer full sun and will re-seed itself if you let the flowers go to seed in the fall. Thin out dill plants to about 10" apart. Dill is sometimes staked to keep the top heavy plants from falling over. Be patient for dill seed to come up for it takes up to 25 days for the seeds to germinate. Also, do not grow this herb next to fennel because the seeds will cross-pollinate, giving you something weird to grow!
Dill is used in an assortment of cooking ways. From breads, to dips, to soups, pickles, meats and salads. Dill also makes a pretty backdrop to flower arrangements and pressed flower pictures and added as backdrops to pressed flower candles.

Jayashree Kanoi

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