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Asthma of 12 old son
Started by: sreekanthankn at June 9 2008

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Asthma of 12 old son By: sreekanthankn
Calicut, Kerala, India
June 9 2008

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I am Dr.K.N.Sreekanthan, working as Lecturer in a College in Kerala, India.
My son is 12 years old and studying in 7th standard.
From the age of 1, he has asthma. By observing carefully, we noticed that he
has allergy to egg. And later we noticed that he has allergy not only to egg but
several components used in bakery. May be preservatives or colour.
After taking the food, he develops asthma.
I have tried many homeopathic, Ayurvedic and allopathic medicines but of no use.
Now a days he is using Vent SF (inhaler) and Asthaline.
Recently I happened to see your therapy of Nat. Sulph. 6C for asthma of children.
Please advice me on this.
I would be much obliged if you reply me at your earliest.
Thank you.


Re: Asthma of 12 old son By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
June 9 2008
Please visit my post of today under Blatta Orientalis on:


I am copying my post below:

"I have used Blatta O in the 6c potency in the WET DOSE for many cases of Asthma in both children and adults and can confirm that I have found it to be the most effective remedy to help sufferers. I have used Nat Sulph 6c and Nux V 6c previously but Blatta O 6c is my default remedy today. Please note however that this remedy must be used in the Wet Dose and a capful is sipped from the remedy bottle just once daily preferably before going to bed. Patients who have been suffering from Asthma for years and also young children have confirmed that all their suffering ceased with their first dose of a capful of Blatta O. Some stated that this was a Miracle Cure of Asthma while others tried to persuade me to patent this cure !

I was gratified that some patients confirmed that they do not use it daily anymore as, after a few months usage, they discovered that even if they had forgotten to take their nightly dose, they did not suffer from their Asthma. A few lucky patients were able to stop all medicines for good. They do however have a bottle of the remedy in their fridge ready to be used if necessary but I was glad to learn that this remedy was able to cure them, hopefully permanently."

You will get the following from any reputed Homeopathic Pharmacy:

Blatta Orientalis 6c in the liquid pack (Ethanol) preferably in a dropper bottle.
Ars Alb 200c in the standard pellets.
500 ml bottle of water from any supermarket.

Please click on the headline on the panel on the left of this page under "About Dose" for instructions on how to make the Wet Dose.

A capful from the remedy bottle constitutes a dose and only one capful is used nightly before bed.

The Ars Alb 200 is to be used only on a SOS basis if your son gets an Asthmatic attack when you will give him 6 pellets sublingually which will dissolve in about 2 minutes. I have observed that an acute attack of Asthma is usually resolved in under 15 minutes when the patient is able to breathe normally.

Do not use any other medication or drugs that you are now giving him.

Please report your son's response in 2 days after he starts on this therapy.

Re: Asthma of 12 old son By: sreekanthankn
Calicut, Kerala, India
June 14 2008
Dear Dr Joe,
I received your mail on 9th and I purchased the medicine on 10th. But Blatta O 6C was not available anywhere here, but I got Blatta O 3C instead. I diluted it 3 times consecutively to get the effect of 6C ( 1ml to 100 ml water, then from this, 1ml again to another 100ml water and so on). This was used as the medicine in 6C potency.
Before receiving your mail on 9th, I had already started Nat. Sul 6C in wet dose. Then I did not stop Nat. Sulph. I gave him both the remedies (Nat Sulph 6C and Blata O 6C in wet dose) one dose daily night befor going to bed. Ars Alb 200 was given SOS once daily.
All allopathic medications including inhaling are stopped immediately.
Now, he gets asthma very slightly late night in sleep. While getting up, he feels slight obstruction in breathing, which disappears by 9 O'clock. His asthma is very much controllable, and he improved very much. Still he is not completely relived. Expecting you advice. Thank you.


Re: Asthma of 12 old son By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
June 14 2008
I note that you have been experimenting with changing the potency of the Blatta O from 3c to 6c but I do not think that you have the correct 6c potency which is essential for a cure.

I also note that you continue to give your son the Nat Sulph 6c and it is possible that the 2 remedies can antidote each other. You are advised to stop giving it to him immediately. You must understand that in Homeopathy you must follow the therapy prescribed by those who have used a remedy which has helped the patient. It just would not do to give a cocktail of remedies as the net effect is usually counterproductive.

I also note that you continue to give him Ars Alb 200 ("Ars Alb 200 was given SOS once daily.") This again is not Homeopathy and SOS implies that this remedy may only be given if and when the patient gets an attack of Asthma when you would normally rush him to hospital. Please note that Ars Alb is ARSENICUM ALBUM
(Arsenious Acid-Arsenic Trioxide) and may not be given lightly as you seem to be doing now.

Please visit : http://homeoint.org/books/boericmm/a/ars.htm for more information on this remedy.

I am glad to note that you do not use the drugs and inhalers that you have given him from the time he was a year old and that in spite of your bending the rules that your son has responded to the combination therapy that you are using.

You are advised to follow the following instructions.

1. Get Blatta Orientalis 6c from a Homeopathic Pharmacy that stocks this potency.
2. Stop giving him Nat Sulph 6c.
3. Stop giving him Ars Alb 200c unless it is needed on a SOS basis as defined above.
4. Follow the instructions that I have given in a previous post literally.

Re: Asthma of 12 old son By: sreekanthankn
Calicut, Kerala, India
June 14 2008
I am in receipt of your mail. Today (Saturday and Sunday) is a holiday for me.
I did a correspondence course in Homeopathy from Indian Homeo Mission,
Chingavanom, Kottayam, Kerla during 1999-2000 and attended contact class during 2000.
And I have some experience in Homeopathy also.
I am aware of the importance of single remedy, but because of the anxiety about
the illness of my son, I tried both the remedies simultaneously keeping a time gap
of half an hour.
He develops asthma after falling asleep,
and it disappears within one or two hours after getting up.
Therefore, it is difficult for the inhalation.

I could stop Ars. Alb.

I assure that I would stick on single remedy.
The problem is that Blatta O 6C is not at all available in any shop in Calicut.
Nobody prescribes this potency in Calicut,
and therefore nobody keeps this in their shop.
I will try to get it by requesting some shops to bring it for me.
But what can I do before getting it?My child have asthma from childhood,
but it was occurring occasionally.
At the time of attack I gave him homeo medicines
(Prescribed by Qualified Homeo Medical Practitioners)
and it could be controlled within 2-3 days.
From Last one year, he had recurrent asthma, very frequently,
could not control by the medicines by homeo doctors, then had to go to Allopathy.
From last six months he is under the inhalation and other allopathic medicnes like,
Asthalin, Romilast, Vent SF etc. Now from the administration of the Nat Sulph and Blatta,
these allopathic medicines were stopped.


Re: Asthma of 12 old son By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
June 14 2008
All I can add at this stage to my previous posts is to request you to give your son the Steam Inhalation shortly before he goes to bed. This will help to soften the phlegm which he will cough up immediately after and you can promote the expulsion of the phlegm by tapping the back of his chest with your open palm while he lies face down in bed with his head below his chest. You can place a pillow under his chest to raise his elevation if necessary. This should be done for about 10 minutes twice daily and you should discover that he will spit out a lot of phlegm.

I presume that you now realize the futility of giving him 3 remedies for his Asthma. As you are aware, this is not Homeopathy. You have stated that in spite of your using 2 remedies, Nat Sulph, Blatta O and Ars Alb in a manner that shocked me, he has still responded positively without the usual drugs you have been giving him for many years. This confirms that we are on the correct path towards a cure and it is up to you to follow my therapy precisely.

Re: Asthma of 12 old son By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
May 29 2010
To: Sreekanthankn

I came across your post dated June 9 2008 on the little picture that changes on the left of every page. The case seemed familiar to me and when I clicked on it I read about your son.

In the unlikely event of your reading this post (due to the non arrival of the automatic email alert), I would like to know if your 12 year old son who is now 14 years has been helped by my Joepathy therapy.

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