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Started by: sammy at September 8 2006

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September 8 2006
Coryanthe Yohimbe

Excites sexual organs and acts on central nervous system and respiratory center. An aphrodisiac, used in physiological doses, but contraindicated in all acute and chronic inflammations of abdominal organs. Homeopathically, should be of service in congestive conditions of the sexual organs. Causes hyperæmia of the milk glands and stimulates the function of lactation. Menorrhagia.

Head.--Agitation, with flying sensations of heat in face. Disagreeable, metallic taste. Copious salivation. Nausea and eructation.

Sexual.--Strong and lasting erections. Neurasthenic impotence. Bleeding piles. Intestinal hæmorrhage. Urethritis.

Fever.--Rigor; intense heat, waves of heat and chilliness, tendency to sweat.

Sleep.--Sleepless. Thoughts of events of whole past life keep him awake.

Dose.--As a sexual stimulant, ten drops of a one per cent solution, or hypodermic tablets of 0. 005 gm. Homeopathic dose, third potency.

Re:YOHIMBINUM By: atchinsonde@hotmail.com
March 17 2012
Does it hurt on the lower right side of your back?
1.) Introduction to This Article
ObesitySmokingStressPoor Physical ShapeBad Posture
Pain can be the result, for example improper body mechanics, which may result in overstretching of your muscles and ligaments. A sprain or a strain can result and you are now the proud owner of some serious back pain. - Moreover, if you rupture a disc, you will find that it can bulge outward. You may not be able to see this from looking at your back from the outside, but inside your bulging disc may put pressure on one of the 50 nerves that are rooted in the spinal cord. - Yes, you guessed it, this can cause problems. A pinched nerve can cause pain and it can also cause numbness or pain down one of your legs.
Other common contributors to low back discomfort can include:
ObesitySmokingStressPoor Physical ShapeBad Posture
Lower Right Back Pain? Consider Morning Stretches
Ice, in conjunction with preforming the stretching exercises twice a day should ease the pain but, once the pain is gone, if you continue with the stretches twice a day, you can keep the lower right back pain from returning so, consider morning stretches as well as evening stretches to keep your sciatica at bay.

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