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Started by: Jayashree at September 8 2006

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Calcutta, India
September 8 2006

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European Snake-root

A remedy for nervous affections, loss of energy, with excessive erethism. Scratching on silk or linen or paper unbearable. Pains and spasmodic muscular actions. Nervous deafness and asthenopia. Cold shivers from any emotion. Feels as if parts were pressed together. Tension and contractive sensations. Always feels cold.

Mind.--Thoughts vanish, with drawing pressure in forehead. Sensibility increased, even from mere imagination.

Head.--Compressive pain. Tension of scalp; hair painful (China). Coryza, with sneezing.

Eyes.--Feel stiff; burn; feel cold. Better, in cold air or water; worse, sunlight and wind. Darting pains in eyes after operations. Asthenopia.

Ears.--Sensation as if plugged up. Catarrh with deafness. Heat of external ear. Noises.

Stomach.--Loss of appetite, flatulence, eructation, and vomiting. Desire for alcoholic drinks. Smoking tobacco tastes bitter. Nausea; worse after eating. Clean tongue. Great faintness. Accumulation of cold, watery saliva.

Rectum.--Strings of odorless, yellow mucus pass from bowels. Diarrhœa of tough mucus. Undigested stools. Prolapse.

Female.--Menses too early, long lasting, black. Violent pain in small of back. Tenacious, yellow leucorrhœa.

Respiratory.--Nervous, hacking cough. Short respiration.

Back.--Paralytic pain in muscles of nape of neck. Weakness, with staggering.

Fever.--Chilliness, single parts get icy cold. Easily excited perspiration.

Modalities.--Worse, in cold dry weather; penetrating sounds. Better, from washing; in damp and wet weather.

Relationship.--Asarum Canadensa-Wild Ginger (Colds, followed by amenorrhœa and gastro-enteritis. Suppressed colds). Compare: Ipecac, especially in diarrhœa; Silica; Nux; China.

Dose.--Third to sixth potency.

Jayashree Kanoi

Re:ASARUM EUROPAEUM By: ilovethissite2012
January 2 2013
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