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biochemic salt - silicea
Started by: sumitra at March 3 2008

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biochemic salt - silicea By: sumitra
March 3 2008
For chronic suppurations and ulcerations, carbuncles, tonsillitis, glandular swellings, indurations, scrofula, foot sweats, uterine disorders.

It acts more upon the organic substances of the body, involving prominently bones, joints, glands, skin and mucous surfaces, producing malnutrition and corresponding to the scrofulous diathesis. Its action is deep and long lasting. It is especially suited to imperfectly nourished constitutions. It is a remedy for deep-seated chronic and acute suppurations and ulcerations, affecting the tendons, periosteum and bone. promotes suppuration. Indicated when there is hardness and indurations with suppuration. Infiltrations terminating in suppuration. It ripens abscesses by promoting suppurations. Valuable also in diseases resulting from suppressed foot sweats. Metrorrhagia in menstruation, associated with icy coldness over the whole body. Constipation and fetid foot-sweats. Ozena, carbuncles, tonsillitis, scrofula, syphilitic indurations, glandular swellings which become hard and threaten to suppurate. Styes on eyelids. Epilepsy especially nocturnal arid with change of moon. Gouty deposits in large joints of fingers. Chronic dyspepsia, copious night sweats especially in phthisis. Third stage of tuberculosis. Symptoms are always worse at night, during full moon, in the open air and from suppressed foot sweats and are better by the application of heat and warmth.


Re: biochemic salt - silicea By: sumitra
March 3 2008
SILICEA - most often used in chronic suppurative processes; also chronic inflammatory conditions, especially those caused by a foreign body such as a splinter, grass seed, etc. Where abscesses occur, burst, appear to heal, then recur. Corneal ulcers. The ill effects of vaccination. Ripens abscesses, as it promotes suppuration. The Silica patient is cold, hugs the fire, avoids draughts, is anxious and fearful, can sometimes be licking at furniture, carpets, etc. (one of the symptoms of Silica is the feeling of a hair on the tongue). Anal fistula; crippled nails; diseases of bones. Worse morning, lying down, damp and cold; better warmth, summer.


Re: biochemic salt - silicea By: sumitra
March 3 2008

Sagittarius Rules : the hips, the thighs, and the liver.

Health Habits: Physical activity is a must; they will stagnate and become ill if they don't get enough exercise. Although usually lean and slender in their early years, they have a tendency to put on weight as they get older. In Sagittarian women the weight unfortunately seems to settle on the hips and thighs. They often have chronic aches in the hips and thighs and may be vulnerable to sciatica, gout, hip disease, and sometimes lameness.

Sagittarius's ruling planet Jupiter governs the liver. Jupiter's influence has also been noted on the pituitary gland. Sagittarians tend to have an active, sensitive liver that instantly suffers from overuse of alcohol. They are also susceptible to hepatitis

Sagittarius's cell salt is silica, which strengthens the nervous system, keeps the connective brain tissue healthy, and prevents numbness in fingers, legs and feet.

Eat : Lack of silica may result in lank hair, dull skin, and sores and receding of the gums. Best sources for the silica that Sagittarians need are the skin of fruits and vegetables, raw salads, green peppers, figs, strawberries, pears, apples, potatoes, oats, the husks of grains, whole-grain cereals, egg yolk.Sagittarians should eat a high protein diet, with lots of broiled poultry and fish, fresh vegetables and fruit such as beets, tomatoes, plums, cherries, oranges, and lemons , eggs, skim milk, yogurt, brown rice, and whole wheat. They should drink lots of pure water, eat four mini-meals a day rather than three large ones.

Don't Eat : Foods that particularly do not agree with Sagittarius are fats, gravies, cream, butter, candy, and chocolate. They should go very easy on alcoholic beverages, not only to avoid damage to the liver but to the skin, which coarsens and ages under the effects of liquor.



Fire rules the function of internal combustion or digestion—the burning up or absorption of food. Fire also purifies the system by burning off toxins, viruses, bacteria and fungus. Fire signs easily fight disease. Their constitution naturally tends toward high temperatures.

Excess Fire

Fire signs, when unbalanced to excess or overstimulation, are prone to burning themselves out. Excess fire can be impatient and angry, or internalizes it into hypertension, heart problems, ulcers or inflammations. Excess fire is brought back into balance by foods that are cold, moist and heavy, or slow-burning foods that ground energy.

Take Grains, root vegetables
Avoid Spicy food, red meat
Remedy herbs like chamomile, lemon balm, skull cap and valerian.

Low Fire

When your fire is low, it may be hard to burn off or fight disease. Digestion and absorption of food are inadequate. Eat foods that are hot, light, dry and aromatic. Avoid cold foods.

Take lemon, yoghurt, bitter greens like kale, mustard.
Avoid dairy products, meat
Remedy digestive stimulants like cayenne, mustard, cloves, cinnamon,garlic, ginger.


Re:biochemic salt - silicea By: ilovethissite2012
January 5 2013
Read this article:
It should give your better understanding.

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