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biochemic salt - nat mur
Started by: sumitra at March 3 2008

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biochemic salt - nat mur By: sumitra
March 3 2008
For catarrhal affections with thin, clear, transparent, watery secretions, influenza, hay-fever, diarrhoea, constipation, leucorrhoea, intermittent fevers and skin diseases.

This salt is a constituent of every liquid and solid part of the body. Its function is to regulate the degree of moisture within the cells. It properly distributes the water through the organism.

Deficiency in this salt causes the disturbance of water in the human organism. An unequal distribution of water in the system sometimes causes excessive dryness of mucous membranes in some part, while there may be a copious, watery fluid from another part. Naturm Mur. will set things right and will establish equilibrium. It acts upon the lymphatic system, the blood, liver, spleen and upon the mucous lining of' the alimentary canal. It is indicated in headache, toothache, faceache, stomachache and also where there is either salivation or hyper secretion of tears or vomiting of water and mucus. Catarrhal affections of mucous membranes with secretion of transparent, watery, frothy mucus. Small watery blisters, breaking and leaving a thin crust. Skin diseases with watery symptoms. Diarrhoea with transparent, frothy, slimy stools. Constipation with dull headache and profuse tears. Conjunctivitis with clear watery discharge. Tongue clean, slimy, small bubbles of frothy saliva on sides. Leucorrhoea with watery, smarting or clear, starch-like discharge, gleet, coryza with loss of smell and taste, follicular catarrh of the pharynx, thrush with salivation, diphtheria with drowsiness, inflammation of uvula with elongation, catarrh of the bladder, impotence, prostatic fluid, paralysis, chorea, chlorosis, insomnia, pneumonia with loose rattling phlegm, intermittent fever, especially after abuse of quinine. Anasarca, gout, chronic swellings of lymphatic and sebaceous glands. Hemicrania.


Re: biochemic salt - nat mur By: sumitra
March 3 2008

Aquarius Rules : circulatory system, the calves, shins and ankles.

Health habits : Aquarians are generally strong and healthy, with good coordination, well shaped legs, and slender ankles. They tend to be very active mentally, more than they are physically, and there is a slight tendency to put on weight if they are not careful. They tend to suffer from circulatory problems, hardening of the arteries, anemia & low blood pressure.

Aquarians need a healthy diet to maintain vitality and to keep their weight at the perfect level. Aquarius people like to immerse themselves in projects and activities, and that leaves little time for balanced meals. They are inveterate snackers, and often eat the wrong things while on the run.

Aquarius's cell salt is sodium chloride - common table salt.

Eat : The best way is to absorb sodium chloride naturally, by eating the proper foods. These include ocean fish, lobster, tuna, oysters, spinach, radishes, celery, cabbage, lettuce, corn, squash, lentils, almonds, walnuts, apples, peaches, pears, lemons, and oranges.

Aquarians should follow a diet that limits fattening foods and is high in protein, like fresh fruits and vegetables & whole-grain breads. Other foods that are very good for Aquarians are chicken, beets, broccoli, carrots, peppers, tomatoes, strawberries, pineapple, pomegranates, figs, dates, brown rice, whole wheat, yogurt & natural cheeses.

Don't Eat : They should cut down on coffee, which can make them nervous. On the other hand they can try herbal teas to relax.



Air rules the nervous and circulatory systems and the function of movement, peristalsis, urination and breathing. Air people are easily stimulated, with quick and extremely sensitive minds that are easily thrown off balance and overwhelmed.

Excess Air

Overactive, restless, sensitive minds and nervous exhaustion plague air signs, as does dry skin, hair and mucus membranes, insomnia and memory loss from systemic overload. Excess air benefits from scheduled windows of quiet, with minimal stimulation, to allow the nervous system to recharge itself.

Take lightly steamed vegetables, nuts, croutons.
Avoid Raw foods ,Grains, rootcrops, yeasty foods, refined sugar.
Remedy enzymes which help in proper absorption of nutrients.

Low Air

When the air element is low, there is difficulty with the flow of energy through the body. A weakened nervous system benefits from mineral supports such as calcium and magnesium, and circulatory stimulants .eat plenty of raw foods, vegetable juices and sprouted seeds. Oats in any form—oatmeal, oatstraw tea or oat tincture, are tonifying to a weak nervous sytem without being sedating.

Take Gingko, cayenne, garlic, ginger, yoghurt, kefir.
Remedy dandelion root or angostura bitters .


Re:biochemic salt - nat mur By: ilovethissite2012
January 5 2013
Are you experiencing diarrhea after eating certain foods or after all of your meals? http://www.md-health.com/Constant-Diarrhea.html Is it a swift onset or do you get a rumbling sensation in your tummy first as a warning? Either way, constant diarrhea after eating is definitely a situation for which you need to see your doctor.

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