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biochemic salt - kali phos
Started by: sumitra at March 3 2008

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biochemic salt - kali phos By: sumitra
March 3 2008
For neurasthenic condition in general, sleeplessness.

Kali Phos. is a constituent of the brain, nerves, muscles and blood vessels. It unites with albumen and creates nerve fluid or the gray matter of the brain. Nervous symptoms indicate a deficiency of this cell-salt, which must be supplied to restore the normal condition. Whatever disease can be traced to the nerve degeneracy, we enter the field of Kali Phos. Nervous condition known as neurasthenia is a field in which this salt has become prominently curative. The results of the want of nerve power, such as prostration, loss of mental vigor, depression, brain-fag, softening of the brain, insanity, paralysis, epilepsy, hysteria, locomotor ataxia and when there is rapid decomposition of the blood. It is curative in septic haemorrhages, scorbutus, gangrene, stomatitis, offensive carrion-like diarrhoea, dysentery, a dynamic or typhoid conditions, incontinence of urine, urticaria, predisposition of epistaxis in children, dizziness and vertigo from sleeplessness, nervous exhaustion, nervous dyspepsia, asthma, neuralgia, nervous headaches, tongue coated as if with dark liquid mustard. Symptoms are aggravated from noise, by mental or physical exertion, by rising from a sitting position. Pains worse in cold and ameliorated by gentle motion.


Re: biochemic salt - kali phos By: sumitra
March 3 2008
KALI PHOSPHORICUM - (commonly known as Kali phos.) a nerve remedy. Prostration; weak and tired. Breath offensive, foetid; diarrhoea with foul putrid smell; very yellow urine. Debilitated conditions, especially in the young.


Re: biochemic salt - kali phos By: sumitra
March 3 2008

Aries Rules : the head and face. The glands that Aries rules are the subrenals.

Health habits : The head is associated with thinking and perception, and natives of Aries tend to be sharp, shrewd thinkers who use common sense. Aries people are subject to headaches, including migraines, head congestion, and sinus conditions. Aries people are active, have excellent muscle coordination, and are noted for their energetic sexuality. Because the Aries person is usually busy, active, and on the go, he needs a well-balanced diet to maintain good health and energy.

The cell salt for the sign of Aries is potassium phosphate.

Eat : Lack of potassium phosphate can cause depression. Foods rich in this mineral and therefore beneficial for Arians to include in their diet are: tomatoes, beans , brown rice, lentils, walnuts, olives, onions, lettuce, cauliflower, cucumber, spinach, broccoli, figs, bananas, dried uncooked apricots, pumpkin. A healthy diet should also include milk, which is good for teeth and bones.

Don't Eat : Salt and liquor are two enemies that Aries people in particular should avoid. Too much salt affects bones and arteries, liquor overstimulates and reacts negatively on the kidneys. They should drink plenty of water, and get adequate rest and relaxation.



Fire rules the function of internal combustion or digestion—the burning up or absorption of food. Fire also purifies the system by burning off toxins, viruses, bacteria and fungus. Fire signs easily fight disease. Their constitution naturally tends toward high temperatures.

Excess Fire

Fire signs, when unbalanced to excess or overstimulation, are prone to burning themselves out. Excess fire can be impatient and angry, or internalizes it into hypertension, heart problems, ulcers or inflammations. Excess fire is brought back into balance by foods that are cold, moist and heavy, or slow-burning foods that ground energy.

Take Grains, root vegetables
Avoid Spicy food, red meat
Remedy herbs like chamomile, lemon balm, skull cap and valerian.

Low Fire

When your fire is low, it may be hard to burn off or fight disease. Digestion and absorption of food are inadequate. Eat foods that are hot, light, dry and aromatic. Avoid cold foods.

Take- lemon, yoghurt, bitter greens like kale, mustard.
Avoid -dairy products, meat
Remedy -digestive stimulants like cayenne, mustard, cloves, cinnamon,garlic, ginger.


Re:biochemic salt - kali phos By: ilovethissite2012
January 5 2013
Black sport on lips:
Dark spots on lips can be a result of many different factors, the most common being smoking and overexposure to the sun. Another common cause is a vitamin B deficiency. These dark spots do not pose a risk to your health, but many people want to get rid of them for beauty reasons.

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