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biochemic salt - kali mur
Started by: sumitra at March 3 2008

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biochemic salt - kali mur By: sumitra
March 3 2008
For second stage of inflammatory diseases, diphtheria, croup, catarrh, pneumonia, glandular swellings, deafness etc.

Kali Mur. is given for the sequel of all inflammations, for exudations and infiltrations, especially of a fibrous character and in inflammations of serous membranes, when the exudation is plastic in nature. A most excellent remedy in the later stages of all catarrhal states. This cell-salt works with the fibrine, which is found in every tissue of the organism except boric. In inflammatory exudations we find fibrine in the serous cavities and on the mucous membranes. The use of Kali Mur. usually follows Ferrum Phos. in inflammatory disorders. The characteristic symptoms of Kali Mur which is always indicated in the second stage of the inflammatory diseases, are glandular swellings, discharges or expectorations of a thick, white fibrinous consistency, white or gray exudations and a white or gray coating of the tongue. The efficacy of this remedy is demonstrated in chronic catarrhal conditions, croup, diphtheria, dysentery, pneumonia etc. Diarrhoea with pale, yellow faces. With Ferrum Phos is should be given in coughs. Useful in deafness from the catarrh of the Eustachian tubes, in skin eruptions with small vesicles containing yellowish secretions, ulcerations, ulcerations with swelling and white exudations, in rheumatism with swelling of the parts, in leucorrhoea and gonorrhea with characteristic discharge. Symptoms in general are worse from motion, while gastric and abdominal symptoms are worse after taking pastry, rich and fatty foods.


Re: biochemic salt - kali mur By: sumitra
March 3 2008

Gemini Rules : the shoulders, arms, hands, and lungs.

Health Habits : Gemini's are vulnerable to upper respiratory infections, bronchitis, and asthma. Gemini also rules the nerves, so natives of this sign are often excitable and high-strung. The planet Mercury, which rules Gemini, has always been associated with respiration, the brain, and the entire nervous system. It also governs the delicate links between the mind and the different parts of the body, so with Gemini people the state of mind has a great deal to do with the state of their health. Anxiety and nervousness literally can make them sick.

The cell salt for Gemini is potassium chloride, which builds fibrin in the blood, organs, and tissues of the body.

Eat : A deficiency of this mineral can lead to clots in the blood and circulatory problems. Potassium chloride also keeps the lungs and bronchial tubes unclogged. Foods high in this mineral are asparagus, green beans, tomatoes, celery, carrots, spinach, oranges, peaches, plums, apricots, and wild rice. Healthy nerve foods for Gemini include grapefruit, almonds, broiled fish and shellfish, grapejuice, apples & raisins. Lettuce and cauliflower help to combat bronchitis.

Geminis need calcium to keep their bones healthy; milk, buttermilk, and cottage cheese are excellent sources. Many Geminis cannot tolerate large amounts of food at one time; eating four mini-meals a day can be beneficialto your health.

Don't Eat : Coffee and stimulants make matters worse and should be avoided. Herbal teas have a calming effect. Gemini people are inclined to eat on the run and are notorious junk food addicts. To keep up their energy and high spirits, they must have a proper diet.



Air rules the nervous and circulatory systems and the function of movement, peristalsis, urination and breathing. Air people are easily stimulated, with quick and extremely sensitive minds that are easily thrown off balance and overwhelmed.

Excess Air

Overactive, restless, sensitive minds and nervous exhaustion plague air signs, as does dry skin, hair and mucus membranes, insomnia and memory loss from systemic overload. Excess air benefits from scheduled windows of quiet, with minimal stimulation, to allow the nervous system to recharge itself.

Take lightly steamed vegetables, nuts, croutons.
Avoid Raw foods ,Grains, rootcrops, yeasty foods, refined sugar.
Remedy enzymes which help in proper absorption of nutrients.

Low Air

When the air element is low, there is difficulty with the flow of energy through the body. A weakened nervous system benefits from mineral supports such as calcium and magnesium, and circulatory stimulants .eat plenty of raw foods, vegetable juices and sprouted seeds. Oats in any form—oatmeal, oatstraw tea or oat tincture, are tonifying to a weak nervous sytem without being sedating.

Take Gingko, cayenne, garlic, ginger, yoghurt, kefir.
Remedy dandelion root or angostura bitters .


Re:biochemic salt - kali mur By: ilovethissite2012
January 5 2013
Itchy throat is an irritating sensation in the throat that provokes desire to cough. Other symptoms like pain, secretions, difficulty eating or speaking, runny nose or itchy eyes may accompany throat itch, depending on the cause.
Read More: http://www.md-health.com/Itchy-Throat.html

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