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rules for taking remedies
Started by: BarneyandBetty at January 30 2008

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rules for taking remedies By: BarneyandBetty
January 30 2008
Is it true that homeopathy will not work unless it is taken on a completely empty stomach? Will it still work if taken with some food?

Re: rules for taking remedies By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
January 31 2008
It is usually best to take Homeopathic Remedies especially in the Wet Dose method that I advocate on an empty stomach if possible or at least 15 minutes before a meal.

An exception to this rule is Nat Phos 6x which is a Biochemic remedy at a relatively low potency in tablet form. This is my default remedy for GERD or Hyperacidity and it is best taken with or immediately after a meal.

Re: rules for taking remedies By: udaya kumar
January 31 2008
All medicine whether it is homeo or otherwise if taken before food would have its action on the liver while for other organs taking after food would suffice. Any way, taking with food or during food is not at all good proposition. In homeo medicines the stomach is not involved at all. The homeo medicines absorbs into the body from the tongue itself. The food factor has its relevance only to the extent that it does not contain something which is capable of antidoting the functioning of the medicine. The best thing is to take half an hour before or after food. Right sided medicines are most apt to be taken before food. that is how I feel about it. rgds.,


Re: rules for taking remedies By: gavinimurthy
January 31 2008
Homeopathic medicines are antidoted by strong odors. There is a possibilty of some odors present immediately after taking food, particularly spicy food. That is the reason doctors advice to wait for half an hour after taking food.

My standard phrase is

No odors on you (perfumes etc), near you (in the room, sprays etc), and in your mouth while taking the medicine.

The medicine acts instantaneously, and if care is taken not to antidote in the act of taking itself, the possibility of it getting antidoted later is very remote.

Farook J.Master says that he gave the medicines along with 'pan' and it worked. For patients who are suspicious of any medicine , the medicine worked when given mixed in juices.


Re: rules for taking remedies By: Pat2006M
February 1 2008
Recently, I took a dose of kali phos 34c and I inadvertenly ate right afterwards and the remedy worked. I got aggrevations right afterwards that lasted two days. This morning I could feel that it is working on my inflammation. I think I'm experiencing aggrevations on my brain since yesterday.

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