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How I treat tonsil patients
Started by: girilal at January 12 2008

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How I treat tonsil patients By: girilal
New Jersey USA
January 12 2008
In India I met a boy who was scheduled for tonsil surgery but then I knew his tonsils were cured. He told me that he went to a homeopath that only practiced treating tonsils and throat problems. I paid him a visit and his office was full with at least 20 people, mostly from far away. Success story were instantly available.

He was instantly friendly and asked me to stay for dinner and I gladly accepted. He was not a secretive type person, instantly he disclosed how he treated his tonsil patients.

It is very important to know if inflammation or tonsillitis begins/begun at right then moves/moved to left or all over,
Mercurius Iodat. Flavus 3x two doses of 2-3 globules each day for a month.

Or if reverse is the case:
Problem begins/begun at left then moves to right or all over,
Mercurius Iodat. Ruber 3x two doses of 2-3 globules each day for a month.

He said in most cases patient did not remember which side problem started so he had to give both medicines for a month one after another.

Some time patient came back and told him that actually he was wrong in guessing so he altered the medicine. Even this happened when I was with him, a mother came and told him that initially she was wrong about her daughter but problem started at the other side and he switched the medicine.

Then I experimented with these two medicines on my patients and this thing really works on most patients.


Re: How I treat tonsil patients By: gavinimurthy
January 12 2008
We hear a lot about Baryta carb for tonsils. What are the 'fail proof' indications, if any?


Re: How I treat tonsil patients By: garcot
January 12 2008
Since I have seen my daughter growing with enlarged tonsils at the age of 18 months causing breathing problems, I can tell you the following:

It is either due to malnutrion/malabsorption/inproper digestion caused by overeating. These children when they are expected to vomit they won't. When you expect them to have loose motions they won't. Basically, stagnation of food in the stomach which gives rise to toxicity in the intestines. What I mean is the Gut flora gets disturbed and when the body is full of junk and when the vital force is doing a cleansing job ( slower than usual), its wants minimum input.

Keeping the child on just juices through the day for a couple of days helps the vital force to clear the toxins, by either inducing vomiting followed by diaharrea or just loose stools for 3 to 4 days. Yes the child becomes little weak. By letting a child cleanse its bowl for a day, we can try feeding them probiotic rich light easily digestable food and suppliments the following days.

You will notice, child sleeps peacefully for 15 to 20 days before symptoms will show up again. It means another round of cleansing is required. 2 to 3 cleansing over a period of 2 months helps the child start assimilating the food better.

Merc Iodata does the same thing but the problem some children experience some discomfort due to the extra sensitivity of mercury. Baryta Carb works on the Pitutary gland and help the child become more choosy in the choice of food by increasing the awareness.

The bottom line is improving Gut flora which lacks good bacterial counts causing a sense of discomfort at the mental and physical level because of over working of Vital force to maintain and in the process faster depletion of resources.

ArrowRoot Kanji, Nuetralin B Syrup, Papaya, Avacado, Amla etc.. can help the vital force to work in a more relaxed way for the growth of the child.


"wisdom in your body is deeper than your deepest philosophy"(Nietszche)

Re: How I treat tonsil patients By: muruganrsa
January 12 2008
I remember a College professor turned homeopath in southern Tamil Nadu using the Mercurius Iodat. Ruber and
Mercurius Iodat. Flavus to treat tonsils. My elder sister got rid of the tosil problem due to these two medicines. But, it doesn't work for my younger sister. I don't know why. May be because often she broke the schedule by taking allopathy medicines.

Re: How I treat tonsil patients By: vettath
January 24 2008
I always have right side infection and inflammations, recommend me what to take.

Re: How I treat tonsil patients By: garcot
February 17 2008
Take a dose of Calc.Sulph 1M, 1 single dose, wait and watch.

Personally, I had always great success in case of infections and inflammations anywhere in the body, as it acts as a great blood purifier.

To Support your possible sprains, pains and aches supplement with the above mag.Phos 6X 2 pills, twice day and with second dose at bed time.


"wisdom in your body is deeper than your deepest philosophy"(Nietszche)

Re:How I treat tonsil patients By: stressedgirl
December 27 2009
my tonsils got swollen.....right side has 3 bumps and top bump has one white speck...

also about 15 days earlier i was on antibiotics amoxil for a root canal......could that have started it all? i never thought of it till now

i also got the uti same time and had a fever on and off too

was given mercurius vivus

can anyone help me i know i posted alot in confusion but still if anyone can help thanks

Re:How I treat tonsil patients By: udaya kumar
December 27 2009
I have answered you in another thread. Do not post all over the place, it creates confusion. with best wishes.


Re:How I treat tonsil patients By: user123
December 27 2009
There is one home remedy for treatment of tonsilitis. Take some 10-20 gm ginger and same amount of jaggery. Eat these bit by bit, chew and keep in mouth as much as you can and then swallow. You should find relief in your problem.

Re:How I treat tonsil patients By: porschezhe@hotmail.com
August 4 2012
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