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A free remedy for common colds
Started by: girilal at December 4 2007

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Re: A free remedy for common colds By: Jayashree
Calcutta, India
December 31 2007
Dear Girilal,
Its quite cold in Calcutta now.. many of us are suffering the weather related problems. My husband had a heavy head, this remedy helped.. My son was coughing.. he didnt want to take this due to the smell of garlic, coaxing him to take a single dose helped his cough. It has also helped me and others in the house.. Thanks for this simple remedy..
BUT I have a question too.. some people do not want to take chilli as it gives them problems.. Will this remedy be just as effective if the chillis are left out???

Jayashree Kanoi

Re: A free remedy for common colds By: girilal
New Jersey USA
January 1 2008
No need to add chilli. and even the ginger. Garlic is alone. I think few drops in a cup of warm water is not much of a odor to be worried about. Or you can add a spoonful of remedy in his curry or even less.

But best if taken in warm water.


Re: A free remedy for common colds By: girilal
New Jersey USA
January 1 2008
Another thing to note that the liquid gets sour tasted after 3 weeks when garlic oil separates. Liquid does not go bad because of high ph value of contents but probably character changes.

You can cut open the bottle and use the contents in cooking or just discard it off. Once can always start it fresh.


Re: A free remedy for common colds By: dreamer
January 3 2008
Great, I made this remedy yesterday and I feel my sinus are drained and mucus is now soft. I am taking a cup of this in warm water three times a day.

Re: A free remedy for common colds By: M patil
February 22 2008
Sir for how long we need to take this remedy.

Re: A free remedy for common colds By: PAT2006MPW
February 22 2008
until it works then stop

Re: A free remedy for common colds By: Gettin beta
February 22 2008
I have a low blood platelet count - 110,000 and was told that sulphur might lower it further. I would love to try this when I next get a cold, or as a preventative measure in the cold season. Adding a little to the already cooked / boiled soup or curry sounds easy. Do you suggest using it to prevent a cold Girilal?

Re:A free remedy for common colds By: stonesshan@hotmail.com
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