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Giddiness associated with Cervical spondylosis or vertigo
Started by: kumarcs2005 at November 21 2007

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Giddiness associated with Cervical spondylosis or vertigo By: kumarcs2005
Chennai, India
November 21 2007
Giddiness associated with Cervical spondylosis or vertigo.

I am getting giddiness when I turn my head, bent or sit down or while down at sleep. Eye balls are rotating inconsistantly and seen by others when I get giddiness. Earlier it was lasting for about 5-10 minutes, after taking some allopathic treatment and continuation of medicines like Vertin, Gravol, Aspirin / Bilovas and Pyricetam, its intensity is reduced. However, giddiness (15-20 seconds) and neck pain are still continuing at morning and night at bed. And day time neck pain, one side head heaviness. MRI & CT scan of my spine and brain revealed cervical spondylosis due to swelling of discs between C5 and C6. All E&T tests have been done. Ear balance is perfectly alright.

My history of illness during the last 5 years are given below:

In the last 5-6 years very often I had gas, constipation and bowel disturbances with gas. I had giddiness twice in the past due to low pressure (90/40) and exhortion in the year 2002 and 2005. In the second instance I was diagonised for ulcer in the intestine and duodenal areas. I was treated for the same. But these symptoms are existing. Sleepless nights with disturbing dreams are common.

My body frame is thin. My BP is normal at 110/80. No sugar (fasting - < 90 and after food > 114). Height is 168 cm and weight is 55 kg. Non-alcoholic, non-smoker and mostly vegetarian. I take regular simple diet with fruits and fresh vegetable salads. Work involves short travels and desk work involving computer operation. Earlier when I have been travelling intensively, I have developed ulcer.

Can any one please suggest some homeopathy remedies?

Re: Giddiness associated with Cervical spondylosis or vertig By: udaya kumar
November 21 2007
For Symptoms related to spondylosis, Cocculus Indicus 30 will be very helpful and certainly if you feel nausea while travelling in vehicles. One dose of Phosphorus 30 in globules, can stop vertigo instantly. Kali Phos in 6C or 30 can be useful for low blood pressure. An ayurvedic medicine called 'Abana' available in India by 'Himalaya' has been found useful in low pressure. Argentinum Nitricum in 6C or 30 can help your deodenal ulcer. For herniation of the cervical bones aurum metalicum 30 is beneficial. With best wishes.


Re: Giddiness associated with Cervical spondylosis or vertig By: kumarcs2005
Chennai, India
November 21 2007
Dear Mr. Udaya Kumar,
Thank you very much for your response. Can you please give me the dosage and frequency of these medicines. Also please clarify me, can I take all these medicines together. If not, please let me know the period of gap to be maintained between medicines.
Once again thanks and regards.

Re: Giddiness associated with Cervical spondylosis or vertig By: udaya kumar
November 21 2007
30 and 6C potencies are to be used with a minimum interval of 3 to 4 hour and 200 potency with minimum gap of 6 hours though these are taken at shorter intervals in acute cases. Homeo medicines are taken one at a time though no harm have been recorded in combining complementary medicines.
The medicines mentioned above goes well with each other. Ayurvedic medicines are not reported to interfere with the functioning of homeo medicines and vice versa. The medicines may be taken in globules of 3 to 5 at a time as one dose. Use the cap of the bottle to administer medicines directly on tongue. Phosphorus need not be repeated. For general ulcers Borax 30 or 1M is more effective. with best wishes.


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