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Food Allergies
Started by: girilal at November 5 2007

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Food Allergies By: girilal
New Jersey USA
November 5 2007
Food allergies are growing in these days. Kids born in these days, many have food allergy.

Most cases are complex and only polycrests show some promise. Mostly vegetable/animal remedies like Lycopodium, Nux Vomica, Sepia etc.

In most cases Arsenum Album is indicated but as a rule, it always fails.


Re: Food Allergies By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
November 6 2007

A good example to corroborate your finding is that of the 6 month old infant on


The mother was desperate with her baby who was spitting up his feed and the pediatrician prescribed a Proton Pump Inhibitor, Prevacid which decreases the flow of acid and hopefully stops the child bringing up his feed. This therapy did not work however and the mother had the sense to seek assistance on this Forum.

I prescribed Nat Phos 6x to be given dissolved in milk but this did not help. I then prescribed Nux Vomica 30c in the wet dose to be given twice daily. The response was immediate and all spitting stopped. I then suggested that this remedy be given in the Split Dose which is made by mixing a teaspoonful of the remedy into a half cup of water from which a teaspoonful is given to baby and this worked equally well. The mother continues with this therapy and baby is feeding well.

It is unthinkable that the pediatrician could only think of a Proton pump inhibitor to help this baby as this could have caused more damage to his future life than just help his feeding problem as PPI's have recently been found to cause other more serious problems including damage to the heart.


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