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Oil rinsing therapy
Started by: girilal at April 18 2007

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Oil rinsing therapy By: girilal
New Jersey USA
April 18 2007
A gentalman has informed me about Oil rinsing therapy.

Here is the procedure:

Take about 2 teaspoon of any edible oil in your mouth. Rinse your mouth and shake up the oil for about 20 minutes then spit it out.

I have witnessed myself that this procedure has relieved off many people with head, ear, neck, throat and nose ailments.

A procedure worth must be given a try for above ailments including migrene headaches.


Re: Oil rinsing therapy By: gavinimurthy
April 18 2007
It was a fad in Southern India a few years ago. Almost every other person was trying it, and i is called as 'oil pulling' too.

I am afraid people no longer talk about it now, and its benefits are rather inconclusive.


Re: Oil rinsing therapy By: patti3046
April 22 2007
There is a whole forum on the Curezone site dedicated to Oil Pulling.

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