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Clinic or Torture Chamber or Money Raker??
Started by: Jayashree at April 4 2007

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Clinic or Torture Chamber or Money Raker?? By: Jayashree
Calcutta, India
April 4 2007
This concerns one of the topmost nursing home / clinic in Calcutta, India.
My mother-in-law aged 90 yrs was quite sick for sometime. Her kidneys then stopped functioning and her legs got very bloated. The homeopath prescribed many medicines one of them being Eelserum to no avail.
The various doctors attending to her said that hospitalisation was a must if she was to be saved. She didnt want that but was coaxed into agreeing, and what a blunder it was to be.
She had an enlarged heart and due to a fracture 40 yrs back an iron rod in her thigh. She had lost weight during these years and the rod was no longer stuck to the bone and was in fact jutting out. Any pressure there hurt her a lot.
At the clinic, the doctors attending to her just did not bother about her pains ar age. She had to be put on a drip, and one was inserted on her neck. As the doctor was on the other side of the bed he had her dragged horizontally till he could reach. Even saying about the rod made no difference. She was put in a way that her neck flopped down on the side of the bed and then the drip with 5 openings was inserted. Again she was dragged back in position. Her sounds of pain ignored. When my husband protested he was asked to leave the room.
Then the oxygen mask encompassed her whole face with a belt on her forehead. This also got her more depressed. My husband stayed with her through the night and seeing the behaviour of the nurse and Maa's mumblings, the next morning he went to the hospital at 7 am to have her discharged after talking to the doctor. They let her go after 3 pm. The Maa who had gone to hospital was not the one who returned. Before she would sit up and even talk to all of us, but after the hospital she was unconcious most of the time. Then she had a huge bed sore on her back due to the dragging she received. Arounf 3" sq. She just lost her will to live after that. The hospital bill was Rs 40,000 for a single night including the medicines.

Another case. An associate informed us that his relative was in the same clinic. He was on a ventilaor and it was 5 days before he came to know that the relative had died. A few other people in the ICCU informed him of the fact. The ventilator was breathing and they thought that he was in a coma!!!! But undoubtedly they had to pay for the days the patient was kept artificially alive.

Another case from the same clinic. My sister-in-laws grandmother was also admitted in the ICCU. They also treated her calously and she died. Then when her father had a heart problem, they put him in a small hospital with no problems.

Is this the way a topmost clinic is supposed to treat their patients??

Jayashree Kanoi

Re: Clinic or Torture Chamber or Money Raker?? By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
April 5 2007
To Jayashree Kanoi

I am appalled at the inhuman treatment that your mother in law suffered in the nursing home in Calcutta. In the interest of members who may read your post, I would suggest that you name this nursing home in which she was so brutally treated. I do not believe that even an animal will be treated in a similar manner, and cannot understand how a nursing home to which a patient enters to be cured can be so very callous as to keep a dead person on a ventilator and also charged for doing so.

I would also recommend that you make a written complaint to your Ministry of Health in Calcutta and it is hoped that they will investigate this case in the interest of future patients who may suffer from this same brutal treatment in this nursing home.

Publicity in your news media in Calcutta would also be useful to expose this scandal.

Re: Clinic or Torture Chamber or Money Raker?? By: Jayashree
Calcutta, India
April 5 2007
Dear Joe,
Would not like to name the clinic, as I cant substantiate the other cases. Our doctor also said that in his 33 years of practice he has never come across such treatment of a patient in a hospital. He was also very sad as he really respected Maa a lot. But I am sure the people of Calcutta who have visited this clinic will understand which one I am referring to.

Jayashree Kanoi

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