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Cineraria Eye Drops
Started by: Charles Dahlhamer at February 6 2007

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Cineraria Eye Drops By: Charles Dahlhamer
February 6 2007
This item is a Homeopathic remedy. I would like to see some information from viewers, as to the sucess of this formula from those who have used it,or know someone who has used it. Thanks

Re: Cineraria Eye Drops By: girilal
New Jersey USA
February 7 2007
It is widely available in homeopathy shops but I have never seen any significant advantage in using it. Other mediicne is Euphrasia Eye drops, that might cover wide symptoms.


Re: Cineraria Eye Drops By: sajjadakram
February 7 2007
My experience coinside with girilal.Euphrasia is suitable when taken internally in accordance to the symptoms only.

Re: Cineraria Eye Drops By: udaya kumar
February 7 2007
Ceneraria has been widely acclaimed as the best remedy for cataract. It is used only externally and that one reason make me preclude that medicine. As I believe in external medicines only when there is an external or a foreign intrusion or affliction. Internal maladies should be cured by oral administration. Even in skin problems the external use of medicines should be confined to the extent that it reduces the ferocity of the malady and should not used for curing because the chances are that it will be suppressed. The cure should come from inside. The physician may fail in it but that does not prove the principle wrong. My immediate helps for eye have been from:
Aconitum, Euphrasia, Belladona, Rhus Tox, Symphytum, Arnica, Silicia, Ruta G., Hepar Sulph, Staphisagria, Sulphur & Cina.


Re: Cineraria Eye Drops By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
February 7 2007
My experience with using Dr Recheweg's Cineraria Maritima Eye Drops and Arnica 30c may be of interest to those affected with a cataract.

I am 77 years old and a cataract was first identified in my left eye in 1996. I was informed that it was barely visible at that time and that it has to mature after a few years before surgery was justified. I was using a myopic correction for both eyes which was around - 4.5 and used spectacles from a very early age of around 6 years.

I have used the eye drops nightly and have also used Arnica 30c twice daily at the beginning to help with my urine flow which was restricted and was relieved by the use of Arnica till I had a Prostatectomy in 2002 after which I settled down to just one dose of Arnica nightly. I also noticed that my eyesight was quite normal in both eyes and discarded my glasses in 1998. I discovered however about 2003 that I had to use them with a plus correction for reading as I could not see the small type in the telephone book.

I consulted an eye surgeon a few weeks ago to check the progress of my cataract and inquired if it was now time to have an implant. To my surprise, he informed me that considering my history there was no need whatever for me to have an implant and requested me to consult him in a year or two if I was bothered with any fresh developments.

The point I wish to make is that my eyesight suddenly took a turn for the better after I started on the Arnica and Cineraria therapy when I discovered in 1998 that I was able to discard my specs which I had used always for over 60 years. I do not know which of the two remedies was helping with my eyesight or whether it was the combination of both that helped my eyesight.

It is interesting to record that I had reports from a few persons some of whom were friends to whom I had prescribed Arnica 30c to be taken in a nightly dose for various ailments, also confirmed that they were able to see their TV screen without glasses which they had discarded. Mention of this was made on the ABC forum.

I would like others too who use glasses to carry out this simple experiment of using Arnica 30c in the wet dose taken nightly and to record their experience on this forum.

Re: Cineraria Eye Drops By: udaya kumar
February 7 2007
I fully endorse what Joe has just said. Arnica is blood thinner and this should tremendously help flow of blood to areas where it was not reaching earlier and thereby nourishing those area. That in itself should prove the cause for cure. As far as cineraria is concerned, there are many claims of cure, and I respect them all though I don't use it myself. A child of 7 lost almost completely his eyesight; due to an traumatic injury inflicted by another child while playing. The first two medicines I suggested was arnica 200 and Symphytum 200 which largely helped him to overcome the trauma and I advised him to take him to an eminent surgeon to assess the damage. He later underwent a surgery and buckled the retina to stop detachment from a major hospital in New Delhi. The eyesight could not be restored. His parents came back dejected after the operation. Later Arnica 200,symphytum 200 and other medicines given by a much experienced homeopath, gradually brought back his eyesight. He can see everything now with that eye and to a fairly good distance without blur. I am inclined to believe that Arnica had done the job with symphytum.


Re: Cineraria Eye Drops By: Charles Dahlhamer
January 9 2008
Amazing but how symphytum fits in the things.

Re: Cineraria Eye Drops By: udaya kumar
January 10 2008
See what boericke for e.g. has to say "Eye : Pain in eye after a blow of an obtuse body. For traumatic injuries of the eyes no remedy equals this" all in italics. I should believe that it not only regrows bones but regrows damaged cells even. See what Dr. S.R. Phatak has to say:
Modality : worse : INJURY. Blow from blunt instrument.
Eyes : Injury to eyes from Blunt instrument, blow knock etc.
Face : Injury to the face.
Stomach : Ulcer of the stomach.
Generalties: Common name knit bone or bone set. Injuries to cartilages periosteum. Painful old injuries. Comminuted fracture

Evidently it acts readily in knitting together open wounds and open spaces apart from its bone-set characteristics.


Re: Cineraria Eye Drops By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
January 10 2008
After reading these posts above, members will appreciate more the Miracle of Homeopathy.

Using Arnica and Symphytum in the manner described by the authors is another example of the direct "this for that" method of prescribing for the patient's ailment aka "Joepathy".

I fail to see the reason for this continuous criticism of my method of prescribing for other ailments when the criticizer is fully aware that my prescription is the obvious choice for the patient's problem.

Re: Cineraria Eye Drops By: gavinimurthy
January 10 2008
Some problems where every body is affected in the same way, irrespective of their constitution can be relieved by some common medicines.

For example all persons who get involved in accidents have same bruised feeling, will always be in shock, and hence they need Arnica.

Here Arnica helps because of the symptom similiarity. Arnica has brought out similar symptoms in provers and will hep all those involved in accidents. This sort of 'this for that' is not objectionable.

However, when the problems are due to a constitutional discrasya 'this for that' therapy wil not help. There are hundreds of medicines for headaches in homeopathy.For example to prescribe 'bryonia' for all types of headaches and to claim that it cures all types of headaches, is mere wishful thinking.

I point out the futility of 'this for that' therapy in such cases.


Re: Cineraria Eye Drops By: gavinimurthy
January 10 2008
By John Henry CLARKE, M.D.

Cineraria Maritima.

Senecio cineraria. Dusty Miller. N. O. Compositę. Tincture or succus of the fresh plant, growing wild, gathered just before the flower-buds open.

Clinical.─Cataract. Corneal opacity.

Characteristics.─This is an unproved drug, but it has been used with a good deal of success in cases of cataract as an external application. The method adopted is to instil one drop, four or five times a day, into the eye affected, and to keep this up for several months. Traumatic cataract and corneal opacities, as well as senile cataract, have been removed in this way. I have seen no reports of cures by internal use of the remedy alone, but in some cases it was given internally as well as used externally. Generally the patients have received specific homœopathic treatment internally at the same time.



Re: Cineraria Eye Drops By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
January 10 2008
Update on my post of February 7 above.

I stopped using the Cineraria Maritima Eyedrops by Dr Recheweg that I used for the last 10 years or so about 6 months ago but I still continue with my nightly dose of Arnica 30c in the wet dose.

I am glad to report that I have not discovered any increase in the Cataract in my left eye which seems to have stabilized at a level that does not make an implant necessary. My Optometrist who first discovered it in 1995 and my Opthalmic surgeon whom I consulted are both surprised that my Cataract has not progressed normally and they both inform me that in their experience a Cataract usually matures in 2-5 years after it is first identified. They have never come across a Cataract that has stabilized and have advised me that no surgery is necessary as I my sight is normal today except for the slight haze I notice when driving at night when I meet oncoming headlights. I do not require glasses for driving although I do require a Plus correction to read small type.

It is Arnica 30 that has obviously helped my Cataract and I hope that it will continue to do so in the future as well.

Re: Cineraria Eye Drops By: Jayashree
Calcutta, India
January 10 2008
My husband was getting a cataract when we were in Jamshedpur due to overuse of mobile. On the advice of Pankaj, he started the cineraria drops twice daily alongwith Calc Flour 6x twice too. I am happy to say that his cataract formation was aborted. I used the drop in distilled water unlike the one in alcohol which really makes the eyes burn. Yes it was the Dr Reckeweg one. I have a bottle on hand which we use as and when needed.

Jayashree Kanoi

Re: Cineraria Eye Drops By: Charles Dahlhamer
January 11 2008
I believe at certain age we all get cataract. Do you really believe that cataracts can be aborded or just avoided by Calcarea Flourica. I took it for my kidney stones.

Re: Cineraria Eye Drops By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
January 11 2008
Calc Fluor has many uses in Homeopathy and is known to reduce cataracts and also helps with Kidney Stones.

Here is Boericke on Calc Fluor:

Fluoride of Lime

A powerful tissue remedy for hard, stony glands, varicose and enlarged veins, and malnutrition of bones. Hard knots in female breast. Goitre. Congenital hereditary syphilis. Induration threatening suppuration. Many cases of cataract have undoubtedly been influenced favorably by it. Congenital syphilis manifesting itself in ulcerating of mouth and throat, caries and necrosis with boring pains and heat in parts. Arterio-sclerosis; threatened apoplexy. Tuberculosis. Used after operations, the tendency to adhesions is reduced.

Re:Cineraria Eye Drops By: clear vision
February 1 2012

I have a problem wherein my one eye is as good as unusable due to a past injury. In this scenario, I have only one good eye that helps me with day to day activities and at this point of time there is no problem with this eye apart from mild irritation due to long hrs. in front of the computer.

Somebody had recommended me Dr.Reckeweg Cineraria Eye Drops to ensure that the good eye will always be in excellent condition till the end of my life.

I would like your opinion on this. Or would you suggest some other medicine to keep my eye intact as without this my future would be badly impacted.

Re:Cineraria Eye Drops By: HQamar
February 1 2012
Attn.Clear Vision :

For traumatic injuries to eye,pain in the eye after blow with an obtuse body,bruises and injuries of the eyeball :
Symphytum 30C..
5 drops in a one ounce water ( in a bottle) and take 3 times daily..shake the bottle before use...


Re: Cineraria Eye Drops By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
March 15 2012
To Clear Vision

I have just come across your post and hence the delay in responding.

You are advised to take Arnica 30c in the Wet dose twice daily for life.
This will help your eye to maintain its present condition.

I am speaking through experience and you may like to know that I am 83 years old and do not use my glasses except to read although in 1996 I had a correction of -5 which I found was not necessary about 6 months after I started on Arnica 30 which I take even today but only nightly.

You may also like to change to the once a day dose after you have found that your eyes have stabilized

Re:Astigmatism and RIGHT EYE cataract initial stage By: soorya
September 3 2012
Dear sirs,
I read some of your comments and suggestions on the usage of cineraria maritama euphrasia and euphrasia 10% eye drops ,which was suggested by a friend knowledgable in homeopathy for RIGHT EYE cataract in the initial stage for a 55 years male .A few of you have suggested ( Mr JoeDeLeveria/ Udaya kumar ) Arnica 30c,arnica 200 and Symphytum 200 , Symphytum 30C.,Calc Flour 6x twice daily .

1) Can you all please guide me in usage and dosage for Astigmatism for last 5years / cataract in Rt eye identified a month back . Now using varilux progressive type of glass for convenience instead of bifocal for the last 6 years .
2) Dosagae of Arnica /Symphytum / calc flour .3) Which potency to use -30 c or 200 .
4) Can it be used by a 78 year old lady with a almost full cataract . doing spiritual service .

I shall very much appreciate a quick reply and determined to cure myself of this without any surgery After going through your wonderful articles .

Re:Cineraria Eye Drops By: udaya kumar
September 3 2012
The best medicine for Astigmatism is Gelsemium 30C and Physostigma 30C. Both work in cataract also. See the symptoms of both medicines and use the one most suited to you. Gelsemium can be used even if the symptoms do not agree. It generally helps in all kinds of eye maladies and helps in increasing brain and memory power. Do not use any medicines continuously. Use for three or four days three times a day and give gap of a week or so and repeat would be ideal.
Cineraria Mar may be used in 3X potency internally alongwith eye drops for cataract.
Other medicines of value in cataract which you need to check for yourself according to your personal and individual symptoms are : Zincum Sulph. Sulphur, Silicea, Phosphorus, Ledum Pal, Nephthalinum, COLCHICHUM (if you are a female this should be checked) calcarea fluor, causticum. For 78 year old there is no problem in using Arnica 30C three times a day. None of the above medicine except Cineraria should be used externally in the eye. For the s
78 year old the medicine for cataract is Secale corr. if other symptoms agree. with best wishes.


Re:Cineraria Eye Drops/Astigmatism/cataract By: soorya
September 5 2012
Dear UdayaKumar,
Thank you so much for your help . Am a Male ,55 years old .of Active life .,More into spiritual path and teach and practice a unique Raja yoga type meditation for 30 years. A few clarifications on proper usage, please. ---1.) Gelsimium 30C and Physostigma 30C -Are they tablets or drops ? .should it be diluted further in water as wet dose discussed earlier in the forum's -. (OR) - how to take it ?.
2. ) can both be used simultaneously ? or a gap of few minutes to be given inbetween the two drugs .
3. ) Cinararia Mar -3x (is this the full name to be asked in homeo shop )-- dosage for oral intake / is this a liquid or tablets ?
Could i know if you are a Homeopath Dr ? .
Also please suggest me medicine for SNORING Problem and if the same can be used by both male/ female .?
Am extremely thankful for your kind help.

Re:Cineraria Eye Drops By: udaya kumar
September 6 2012
Gelsemium and physostigma can be taken in drops or in granules. three to five drops in quarter glass of water three times is the wet dose. three to five granules three times daily is the dry dose. It need not be diluted in water further as per the succusion method.
Both can be used simultaneously, but using one medicine at a time is the thumb rule of homeopathy. Cenararia Mar 3X will be in liquid usually. For internal usage use three doses a day for one day as test dose. Wait for a day or two see if it is beneficial and continue if necessary.

I am not a homeopathic doctor, nor I am a doctor.

This forum is only a dissemination of information, and benefit accrued on self experiment by the people here are all there to read and in themselves serve as case histories.

There are hundreds of medicines for snoring and there are innumerable symptoms in snoring. Unless the right symptoms are mentioned, I will not be able to suggest medicines. However the highly rated medicines are Opium, China, Stramonium, Moschus, Hyosciamus, rheum, nux vomica, ignatia etc. according to other symptoms.....Symptoms ma be checked from the following link:


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