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Started by: udaya kumar at April 28 2020

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April 28 2020
i saw some media reports that clotting of blood is a fresh symptom in Covid
We need not worry about it in homeo approach. The following remedies are curative
1. Arnica 30
2. Eupatorium Perfolatum 200
In haemophelic conditions phosphorus 30 and in low platelet haemorrhagic conditions juice of papaya carica leaves is curative. One spoon two times a day for maximum 3 days to bring platelet levels to normal.


Sri Lanka
May 2 2020
Hi Udaya,

I am glad to note that you have referred to the 2 remedies
Eupat Perf 200c and Arnica 30c, for the Clotting of Blood which is a new symptom they have discovered in patients affected by the Corona Virus.

I first discovered that Eupat Perf 200 in the Wet dose would abort an oncoming Cold Virus in 2005 as at that time I had been very sensitive to catching Colds. I tested it on patients presenting Dengue when it arrived in 2007 and discovered that it CURED them in just 3-4 hours which was considered as Miraculous when the Vomiting, Fever and Headache would leave them.

You mentioned Papaw leaf juice to increase the Platelet count but this was found to be a very slow process as it was found to be below 10 per hour. In comparison EP200c in the Wet dose would increase the count at 2500 per hour and this was recorded by doctors who could not believe this miracle cure which resulted after just 3 doses each 5 ml, of the remedy.

It is unfortunate that I was not able to have this remedy accepted nationally in the hospitals to CURE Dengue even though I offered it free of charge in any quantity. This has resulted even today, with over 150 fatalities annually. Doctors were forbidden to use it under pain of losing their license by the Medical Council. Some even admitted privately that they did not wish to cut the grass under their feet by prescribing it, as they would stand to lose their revenue! However many sent their patients to me direct for the Dengue Remedy and I may have saved thousands of lives as I had the backing of my business friends who stocked bottles of medicated water which we distributed free of charge, throughout the Island.

I had given some vital information on the Corona Virus in my post of March 31 on this H&M Forum to which I shall add this post too to bump it up and so ensure that more visitors are made aware that Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200c will CURE and hopefully eliminate the COROMA Virus from this Earth.

I have some powerful friends in AYUSH who met Mr Narendra Modi a few days ago and I am informed, that he had ordered that Eupat Perf 200 and the other remedies you mentioned like Gelsemium, Bryonia, and others be used on a double blind test basis to evaluate their efficacy in curing Covid 19 patients.

Please visit:



YouTube Interview of Mr Rajiv Bajaj at 15.16 refers.


Re:COVID19 N CLOTTING OF BLOOD By: udaya kumar
May 2 2020

So kind of you. We have plenty of Eupatorium Perfolatum in our yard like wild weeds...which in fact lead me to doubt it's role with the tiger mosquito usually found drinking plant saps frequenting the plants could cause direct injection of eupatorium as poison in human body to cause dengue....there can be other channels whereas absolving plants with alkaloids of all their mischieves cannot be...... But, then I made a very very interesting observation. That is during the Ramayana months when my wife was reading Ramayana..... you may call it superstition or cock and bull story but the fact remained that during this period to my surprise few monkeys started visiting us. I have Gauva Sapota Papaya etc in our back yard.....They would come eat what they want and go.... Surprisingly, what I found was they invariably carried a leaf from the Papaya tree. This was extremely surprising of all fruits and leaves they opt to carry papaya leaves only. It shows immediately two things. 1. The monkeys knows their medicine and their use. 2. The platelets of monkeys tend to go down often or dengue chicken guinea may be common ailments in them without knowing its name given by his new gen.human beings. I felt then that the real upgrading factor naturally for platelets is papaya leaves and Eupatorium is most effective because it is neutralizing what it caused???.!!!

We are aware of the different layers of infectious diseases that crossed our path in the last two decades or more or if we start with malaria we may be talking in century. Malaria during my lifetime was rampant in 1970s ...But with dengue which started with Influenza mode at least made me think and use Rhus tox 1M and Gelsemium as first line of aggressive containment followed by Eupatorium and Arsenic Album with China at convalescent stage have quick recoveries. The difference in treatment in chicken guinea would be a dose or two of medicine for its arthritic component in the form of oedema.. Whereas further when all birds were blamed we did not have much difficulty as Influenzinum, Occilococcinum, Bacillinum were at our disposal as stand by
Apart from strep stalwarts streptococcinum staphilococcinum and tubercular diathesis medicines like tuberculinum.... but most of those swine bovine responded well with Rhus tox gelsemium arsenic album combinations......irrespective of the name of the disease which we never bothered about.

Now that we have come to pass Covid 19N....
the line of treatment do not vary much except for the different strains to which different individuals respond differently according to comorbidity or otherwise. As I have already mentioned in another post, where chest ailments ,coldness of the body, sinking feelings are there with dehydration there is a great option in Camphora single handed my as Dr Rajam Shankaran has propounded. But to my mind if the Camphor is to work there should be a Bacterial Background and we need to rethink the biological or microbiological composition of the virus. Because as I have already pointed out...1. The virus is bound to be bacterio-viral.. .where either malaria, legionnaires disease or some other amalgamation ought to be there which is causing attack on lungs and 2.. attack on above 65 years.
The phospholipase affinity of viral coating with that in lungs could also answer this vital phenomena....

My experiments tells me there is a Cinchona or Malarial factor where China and Cina are important. Wherever microorganisms incubate in lungs Cina will be required....Esonophilia will be high with ESR...Where is Lung asthmatic bronchial alveolar fibrosis phneumonia Respiratory distress etc Arsenic Album 200 would be required but in this case the immune system is the main target and therefore Iodatum has to be used and so we have a perfect medicine in Arsenic Iodatum 200 or above. Another most important symptom is peculiar debilitating cough, thickening of mucus and stopping entry above Bbb, (Bryonia)liver issues kidney issues(Cinchona) Croup issues
Where Ammonium Muriaticum(debilitating cough) Antim tart ( croup and rattling of mucus and other symptoms)carboveg veratrum virde(high ALT levels) Natrum mur (single dose to clear phlegm from throat when sweating) phosphorus(phneumonia), clotting and cardiac issues (Arnica), anxiety and fear of death (aconitum) and other medicines as per my earlier threads may be used symptomatically. In earlier stages combinations of medicines may abort the the disease in a couple of days.


May 3 2020
here is the work done in lab for Carica Papaya, which increased Platelet and RBC count


we do have Q of Carica Papaya

Re:COVID19 N CLOTTING OF BLOOD By: udaya kumar
May 3 2020
We do not need rats to prove...do we...? Every homeopathic medicine is proved directly on human beings. So, the homeopathy needs no sanctions from conventional medicines who depend on machines and rats and rabbits and guinea pigs to to know what our five senses and wisdom can tell us directly. Not a single conclusion of conventional medicine is Finite.....they are subject to change with every new findings....as change is the only constant when we relate to Matter and Material.


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