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Deep noisy breathing at night
Started by: garcot at January 22 2007

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Deep noisy breathing at night By: garcot
January 22 2007
What could be the causes for deep noisy breathing in children at night and what are the possible remedies that could be considered?


"wisdom in your body is deeper than your deepest philosophy"(Nietszche)

Re: Deep noisy breathing at night By: dr dutta
January 23 2007
Not necessary that it is mucus.

If the child breathes from the mouth (mouth open during sleep) or just nose blocked ?

Re: Deep noisy breathing at night By: udaya kumar
January 23 2007
Away from all other sounds recognizable and understandable in a child’s respiratory difficulties, this sound produced by a child is different though it is normally categorized as wheezing. This sound is more than wheezing and sometimes of scary. The cause is ascariasis/worms. Different sources put the incidence of ascariasis from 1/10th world population to 1/4th world population. The egg when ingested from soil enter the stomach and is said to travel through stomach walls to liver through the blood stream and migrate to the lungs from where the larvae climb up through the bronchial tubes and is swallowed back to the stomach. When they are in the lungs it can become a cause for oesonophilitic phneumonia and phneumonitis. It can crawl up to and behind retina. It can cause Squint. It can cause high fever, convulsions (fits), symptoms similar to e-coli infections/urinary bladder infections/encephalitis and conventional wrong treatment happens if not carefully observed. The careful observation includes the following symptoms/tests. The oesonophil level will be high, stomach x-ray could be taken/stool test for larvae, egg or presence of adult could be done. In homoeo, the following symptoms are considered: Child sleeping on the belly or using four limbs. Digging in nose, ear and anus. Wheezing type of heavy sound, breathing very heavy, restlessness and running in circles, squint, grinding teeth while sleeping, vomit, vomiting worms, dark rings around the eyes, emaciation, canine hunger, abdominal discomfort, complaints of pain in stomach/abdomen, disturbed sleep and the like..... Any of or all of the symptoms may be present.

The best medicine for the condition is Cina 30 three times a day or Cina 1M one dose in 15 days. Sulphur and other medicines like Teurcrium Marum Verum etc. for worms as per symptoms may also be needed. In acute condition split doses or doses in shorter intervals may be contemplated.


Re: Deep noisy breathing at night By: garcot
January 25 2007
The child breaths through the mouth till about 4 am and then she sleeps normally without any difficulty. Infact, the noisy breathing also stops. Doctor, what could be the cause? Morning 20 minutes
after she gets up, thin mucus starts flowing from her nostrils.

We did a worm test and it came out negative. The child basically has milk sensitivity. Any many milk based substances cause her tonsils and adenoids to swell. Staying away, helps to maintain without to much of aggravation.

But then, when a child goes to school she is given milk based choclates and other stuff, when the other children have their birthdays and we cannot stop the child from having it.

Why does the child's tonsils and adenoids flair up within an hour, once the milk or buttermilk is consumed?

The moments adenoids enlarge, the thin mucus secreting from sinuses gets prevented from flowing through to the throat and this obstruction causes accumalation and it becomes a breading ground for bacteria and viruses.

Especially for children who are 2 years and less it is worse and treatment options are very limited.

Can please suggest.


"wisdom in your body is deeper than your deepest philosophy"(Nietszche)

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