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Wasp (Mud-daubers) -- A never failing remedy for vomitting
Started by: baljeet at January 22 2007

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Wasp (Mud-daubers) -- A never failing remedy for vomitting By: baljeet
January 22 2007

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Yellow wasps are found everywhere and in the homes also. It makes its nest from the mud secreated by its saliva. People in africa and India use this dissolved mud from its nest. If a child is always vomitting, just lick some saliva to child.

My brother who lives in India, his son was always vomitting. Doctors's wanted to operate him to readjust his pylorus valve. Every remedy failed, even all homeopathy treatments failed. Poor kid was always bathing in his own vomit and was not able to retain anything in his stomach.

But this remedy cured him.

Re: A never failing remedy for vomitting By: girilal
New Jersey USA
January 22 2007
Mud dauber
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Black and yellow mud dauber gathering mud
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Hymenoptera
Suborder: Apocrita
Superfamily: Apoidea

Some Sphecidae and Crabronidae

Mud dauber (or "dirt dauber" in the southern U.S.) is a name commonly applied to a number of wasps from either the family Sphecidae or Crabronidae that build their nests from mud. Mud dauber may refer to:

The organ pipe mud dauber, Trypoxylon politum (family Crabronidae)
The black and yellow mud dauber, Sceliphron caementarium (family Sphecidae)
The iridescent blue mud dauber, Chalybion californicum (family Sphecidae)

Mud daubers are long, slender wasps, the latter two species above with thread-like waists. The name of this wasp group comes from the nests that are made by the females, which consist of mud molded into place by the wasp's mandibles. There are three common species of mud daubers, each with distinctive coloring: the organ-pipe mud dauber (solid black coloring), the black and yellow mud dauber, and a stunning metallic-blue mud dauber with blue wings.

The organ-pipe mud dauber, as the name implies, builds nests in the shape of a cylindrical tube resembling an organ pipe or pan flute. The black and yellow mud dauber's nest is comprised of a series of cylindrical cells that are plastered over to form a smooth nest about the size of a lemon. The metallic-blue mud dauber foregoes building a nest altogether and simply uses the abandoned nests of the other two species


Re: Wasp (Mud-daubers) -- A never failing remedy for vomitti By: dr dutta
January 23 2007
It is amazing, I have already tried it on a patient because the nest was just growing on the corner of my wall. It worked amazingly.

Actually the remedy Verspa Carbro also has rubric:
Nausea and vomitting followed by creeping chills from feet upward.

But Vespa Carbro is more focused upon the sting of the insect rather than upon his stomach contents from where this mud is secreated.

Re: Wasp (Mud-daubers) -- A never failing remedy for vomitti By: girilal
New Jersey USA
January 24 2007
Yes indeed it is very effective remedy. It is used through out Africa and now making its way in Indian folks.

In USA every third baby is a vomitting baby or homeopathically we call 'Lycopodium baby' funny thing is that even lycopodium fails to stop never ending milk vomitting.

But this seldome happenes with using this remedy.


Re: Wasp (Mud-daubers) -- A never failing remedy for vomitti By: baljeet
January 24 2007
Of-course, as far as I know this remedy is not ancient but recently making its way in villages of Punjab. Probably someone brought this idea from Africa and since these wasp nests are found in all homes so people experimented with this and accepted this remedy.

Re: Wasp (Mud-daubers) -- A never failing remedy for vomitti By: roopali29
new york
January 25 2007
Great information, Just for the information I would like to know if this remedy could work in nausea and vomitting in the pregnency cases.


Re: Wasp (Mud-daubers) -- A never failing remedy for vomitti By: baljeet
January 26 2007
Ofcourse it works in pregnency vomitting and nausea too.

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