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Kind attn Mr Udaya: Ankylosing spondilitis
Started by: sami123 at October 7 2019

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Kind attn Mr Udaya: Ankylosing spondilitis By: sami123
October 7 2019
Dear Mr Udaya,
Boy aged 29, is suffering from Ankylosing spondilitis. His bones are melting. The backbone, vertebrae first get deshaped and then melt.
Please prescribe something for him.
Looking forward to hear you.
Thanks and regards,

Re:Kind attn Mr Udaya: Ankylosing spondilitis By: udaya kumar
December 9 2019
I am sorry to have missed this out Sami. Use Syphilinum 10 M one dose no other medicines on that day. next day onwards for three days use aurum metalicum 30 three times a day followed by phosphorus 30 and calcarea carb 30 Report after each meficine.


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