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Uday sir- Gall polyp
Started by: sachincetpa at August 21 2019

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Uday sir- Gall polyp By: sachincetpa
August 21 2019
Respected sir
Female 60 year
GB polyp 4mm
Fatty liver grade 1 in usg
LFT test normal
Feel swelling in right upper abdomen
Pinch pain in upper abdimen while sitting or moving
Gas acidity

Re:Uday sir- Gall polyp By: udaya kumar
August 22 2019
use the following medicines
1. Condurago Q
2. Cardus M Q
5 drops each in one ounce water three times a day for three days. repeat as and when required.
3. Also use Cholesterinum 30C three times a day for one week.
If there is pain add dioscorea villosa Q


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