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:RP nd Uday Sir : Boy 12 year
Started by: sachincetpa at August 18 2019

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:RP nd Uday Sir : Boy 12 year By: sachincetpa
August 18 2019
Respected Sir
Boy 12 years old

Few days ago caught him watching xxxx on mobile This is second time parents caught him watching these things .he very young to these things so please suggest any good remedy for his mental strength.
Symptoms ..........
Loves painting and drawing
Takes deep breath after every 10-15 minutes and little coughing .It happens on a fixed interval .
Weak concentration
telling lie
Forgot easily

Re::RP nd Uday Sir : Boy 12 year By: udaya kumar
August 18 2019
Nothing that can literally stop him from his curiosity and ready availability to satiation, He has to help himself....Counselling and sexual education of the ill effects of unwholesome sex is one thing that can be of benefit. Use of Nux Vomica and Staphysagria can be handy to its ill effects. The only medicine that can deter lascivious thoughts is Phosphorus....Selenium can be fortifying to prostate.

"Caught him " ....":this is the second time parents caught him " are the key words. Catch directly involves concealing and therefore lying or lie.
In other words the impression that I have been caught will make him more precautious and do things hidden.....The parents need be more open and or do not show that they have seen him do, or give him the impression that I have done something immoral that he feel guilty, depressed or tend to conceal and lie.
Doing yoga can keep one away from such thoughts, particularly Brahmacharyasan. Tendency to lie may involve an hormonal imbalance and therefore Conium 200could be helpful. Particularly one with Courage ,Chivalry, Bravery and the like would not indulge in pseudo sex.....Loves painting and drawing indicates he is having long thin fingers and with a feeble or vacillating mind. Use of Calcarea Phos or Calcarea Carb may be beneficial with pulsatilla. Ome dose of Ignatia or Calcarea Phos should stop the habit of deep breath...staphysagria can also benefit when the deep breath is caused by mind diversion on account of a kind of guilt...that is failing to breath properly causing a sigh after a fixed interval.


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