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Uday Kumar Ji..pls help me
Started by: remedyseeker at August 6 2019

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Uday Kumar Ji..pls help me By: remedyseeker
August 6 2019
Dear Sir, I am writing this post for my 8 and half months old baby boy. He is doing well health wise, normal baby but he is very restless when awaken and it may seem to normal to all, but we are finding it very tough to cope up with this restless activity.

1. He sleeps but always awakes hearing slight noise and then sits up and do volts and often tend to fall from bed

2. He sleeps maximum 8-9 hours in a day which is rare for a baby of his age

3. He never stays fixed even for a minutes when he is awaken

4. It usually takes 2-3 hours to make him fall asleep and then he sleeps only for 40mins to 1 hour at one go

5. He sleeps at night nowadays but only for maxium 4-5 hours

6.We always stay with him as he tends to fall from bed silently and even does not take a moment to start doing vaults once he is awaken

7. We have naughty child in our families, but my baby is on top

8. This restlessness is not good for his health too and is it possible to make him a bit relaxed ..he is really hyper now.

Re:Uday Kumar Ji..pls help me By: udaya kumar
August 13 2019
has he been vaccinated..... ?
use the following medicines :
1. thuja 30C three times a day for three days.
2. Natrum Mur 30C three times a day for one week.
3. Arsenic Album 30C three times a day for one day.
4. Lycopodium 200C singe dose a week. His habit of sleeping in the day and waking up at night should go with this remedy.


Re:Uday Kumar Ji..pls help me By: remedyseeker
August 16 2019
Thanks Udayji for your reply. Yes, my son has been vaccinated as per the system.. he has been given vaccinations 5 times till now.

As far as problem is concerned, number 4 medicine Lycopodium 200c does not match with his symptom as he is not sleeping entirely in day or entirely at night..his sleep tenure is less in both day and night. So, please clarify should i use
Lycopodium 200C?


Re:Uday Kumar Ji..pls help me By: udaya kumar
August 17 2019
lyco is suggested as per this symptom presented by you
"He sleeps but always awakes hearing slight noise and then sits up and do volts" that is how you have described him in your initial post above. Your choice. Vaccination is not the right thing to do....it may eliminate ten chosen ailments each, whereas it can create such immuno deficient or auto immune conditions and disorders that can invite millions of diseased conditions.

Lyco is not specific to the described symptoms but the described symptoms are specific to lyco. Lyco works in the plane of subtle air and therefore the subtlest ailments comes under the purview of lyco..Any medicine that work within the plane of subtle Air will have sudden symptoms....like sudden pains sudden waking up, hyperactiveness, impulsive actions, haste, hurry, loquacious, always thinking, etc. etc. etc. the ailments will also go suddenly when the right medicine is chosen.and given , ..Correction is what is intended and not reaction to ailments. Correction of the mechanism leading to sick conditions and disorders of various kinds is fundamental function of homeo medicines through Life Force....Life force do not over act and therefore, the reaction of administered homeo medicine do not go beyond prognosis to recover or homeostasis.. The rest of the so called aggravations etc. are predestined course of the ailment which the medicine unfortunately could not arrest.... i.e. if the medicines were not given still those so called aggravations and fatality etc could have happened. Restlessness is one symptom. repetition of action(action includes thought speach and physical action) is another symptom, obsessiveness is another symptom which gradually develops into sever conditions like OCD, ADS ADD and the like. Intention of the medicine is not to remove symptoms but to remove the underlying causes leading to the symptoms...Homeo medicines only activate the Life Force or the Eashwara Tahwa within the being...or the Chaithanya within us which radiates as glory on the face of an individual who achieves inter-alia a state of homeostasis or never be sick or devoid of sickness status. Lycopodium does not contain lycopodium... it only contains a diluted ionised nano memory of the plant lyco and the main ingredients that the lycopodium plant represents......while one welcomes the poisons and germs of deadly diseases in the crude form as medicines open handed, they hesitate and have a second thought to even use the memory of an edible plant is the irony.


Re:Uday Kumar Ji..pls help me By: remedyseeker
August 18 2019
Respected Udayji, thanks a lot for your lucid and significant explanation.

I shall start all these above medications from today for my child.


Re:Uday Kumar Ji..pls help me By: udaya kumar
August 18 2019


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