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2Tuff question about lemon and baking soda
Started by: Pat2011 at July 18 2019

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2Tuff question about lemon and baking soda By: Pat2011
July 18 2019
I have always avoided lemon because of the horrible way the acid sticks to my teeth that causes pain when I eat. I have been adding lemon to my water and soup and a little baking soda to counter the acid. Do you know if taking baking soda daily harmful?

Re:2Tuff question about lemon and baking soda By: 2tuff
July 19 2019
Daily use of physical sodium bicarbonate is not ideal as with any other chemical. Only the energy signatures of these compounds are safe and even then one won't be using the resonance long-term unless it's the twelve basic cell salts of which Nat Bicarb isn't one. My advise would be to do this on occasion but if you have an issue with Lemon then just cut it completely out the diet. All acids hinder the body and damage mucus membranes eventually resulting in mucus overload and a drop in the electrical potential of the cell. Sodium bicarbonate is alkaline but it's a chemical and not alkalinity from plant and it's the plant form the body needs for health and electrical energy.

Re:2Tuff question about lemon and baking soda By: Pat2011
July 19 2019
GREAT!!! Thanks a lot, 2tuff.

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