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Cystic acne with delayed period
Started by: roshni at June 30 2019

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Cystic acne with delayed period By: roshni
June 30 2019
Hi there looking for advice
I am
Female age39
Mother of three kids, had them all by c sections.
I have been regular with my period for quite a while now i do get my menses every month almost on same date, this time i am one week delayed, main problem is that for almost one yr now i suffer from severe premenstrual fatigue , tiredness , sweet cravings , increased appetite right before period date , fatigue n tiredness , sleepiness affects my day to day routine i feel v lazy and this starts happening atleast two weeks before my period date, accompanied by breast tenderness ,,acne breakouts. This time i developed v bad cystic acne all
Over my face specially my chin is full of cystic spots which appear white head like and bumps under the skin and after few days become a proper painful pimple which takes time to go i have been prescribed antibiotics oral and an ointment for my acne as it has been v painful all over my face.
I am feeling fat and bloated n constipated.
Tried pulstilla 30 hasn't helped for starting my period as yet.
2 yrs ago i suffered from irregular bleeding between my period and doctor gave me a n ultrasound I had a small cyst on one of the ovaries which they said will go itself, i did approach homeopathy forum n dr udaya prescribed oppherinum for this problem i did take it for some time and then i never suffered from irregular bleeding between my period which made me sure my cyst had gone itself as my period was v much regular, now that i have not started my period yet and having all the symptoms specially acne breakouts is making me upset and depressed as i had clear skin and in matter of three weeks i am
Left with many scars on my face and continuous breakouts for a month and spots are hard and cystic that touching them is v painful.
Kindly help me and advise the remedies i should take to solve my hormonal imbalance
Thanking you

Re:Cystic acne with delayed period By: shouse_nsk
July 1 2019
Pl take
1. compund no 15 3 pallets twice a day
2. Pulsetilla-200 6 pills twice a day
Pl keep 30-40 minutes gap between 1 and 2

Pl take the medicins for 15 days nd then give feedback

R P Tamhankar

Re:Cystic acne with delayed period By: roshni
July 5 2019
I am ordering the medicines today thank you so much for your advice ,
I wanted to ask u if u could add a remedy for my acne and scars that i can apply or eat in addition to these two remedies
Kindly help i am getting v depressed seeing spots popping out n leaving deep scars
Kind regards

Re:Cystic acne with delayed period By: shouse_nsk
July 6 2019
Please take medicines for 15 days. it will take of all the problems.

R P Tamhankar

Re:Cystic acne with delayed period By: roshni
July 15 2019
Desr sir
Just wanted to update you i know it hasnít been 2 weeks but there is an important problem I have realised , I ignored and not mentioned in my last post,
one of my aunts has made me realise my problem of acne could aldo be linked
To my digestive problem , i have been suffering from
Constipation for last many years after each c section my constipation got serious and severe,
I have three kids n had 3 c sections,oldest child is 18
I am so much used to taking senna that now i dont even feel its a heath issue any more.
For past one month i have noticed bowel movement is becoming difficult even with consuming senna n psyllium husk
I feel bloated And I have Gained three pounds i am watching my diet and exercising but still loosing weight has become v difficult , my acne has become severe all painful n cystic spots filled with white fluid and earlier spots were mainly on chin , now i m breaking out all over my face on my forehead cheeks chin neck area as well as hair line,i m feeling quite upset and frustrated having oral antibiotics as well as applying on my face medicine prescribed by gp,
I have been walking n doing some bike even that has caused knee pain , knee pain and issue is ongoing for past year
Kindly suggest if i need to add any more remedies

Re:Cystic acne with delayed period By: shouse_nsk
July 16 2019
Pl take the medicines as suggested for 15 days and then come back

R P Tamhankar

Re:Cystic acne with delayed period By: roshni
July 30 2019
Dear sir writing to update you , been tsking suggested remedies have been breaking out with cystic acne,till now the amount of break outs has decreased abit but cyts are still there even after pus has come out of my spots ,still lumps n cyst left ,got my period two days before this time which is fine but Usually blood flow is more on second day but its much less than usual ,
infact blood color is pinkish and on my second day i usually have heavy flow but ,
this time seems like there is not enough bleeding period is nearly ending which is not normal
Blood has already turned light color usually happens on 3rd to fourth day of my period
I have hardly bled ,blood flow has been scanty
knees feel creaky and specially on walking and bending knees have discomfort, more pain in left knee as
Compared to my right one
Bryonia but no relief
Constipation continues still take senna at night time to have a bowl movement for next day,
Kindly advice

Re:Cystic acne with delayed period By: shouse_nsk
July 31 2019
PL continue the proposed medicines for 15 days and then give feedback

R P Tamhankar

Re:Cystic acne with delayed period By: roshni
August 13 2019
Hi there
Writing to give feed back after having the suggested remedies for one month now , acne is still the same earlier it was only chin and forehead now on the cheeks and un the chin neck area few spots too quite lumpy n cystic , left all datk marks on my face , i feel extremely upset seeing the face situation
Recently discovered after my knees x ray i have wear and tear in my both knee ,degeneration of both the knee joints as itís been almost a year i have visited doctor quite many times due to knees complain, both knees suffer from osteoarthritis i am 39 yrs of age,
Very much heart broken as i am v active and love to workout bending my knees is giving me pain and cracking sound on every bend and exercise,
Tummy suffers from frequent wind n bloating and constipation is as it is
Kindly suggest what precautions i can take for stopping the knees getting worser, i mean on long term basis
Thank you

mr udya kumar By: roshni
August 15 2019
Mr udya pls look into my case

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