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Formicum Acidum 15C
Started by: izhome at May 20 2019

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Formicum Acidum 15C By: izhome
May 20 2019
Dear Udaya and All,

in one of my German homeopathy books I read that formicum acidum 15C is a remedy that can be given for chronic ailments, such as allergies, skin conditions etc. as it works nonspecific on the tissues in as such it might reduce acidity, cleanses or detoxes. I translated this into English so I hope it made sense. The dose is 1 dose per week for 8 weeks.

So, I gave this to my son for 8 weeks as he is plagued with seasonal allergies. I will say it did not make a huge difference, but I think it helped a little. His sinuses were not quite as blocked as last year. It seemed there is at least one nostril somewhat clear.

My question is now, what do you think about this treatment and also how many times can it be repeated?

Thank you!

Re:Formicum Acidum 15C By: 2tuff
May 21 2019
It is wrong to promote a homoeopathic remedy in this way as homoeopathy is tailored to the individual. The book cannot just state one potency for all and a time frame or even a remedy for all. It's like someone who has a thrombosis is the leg getting told a standard Lachesis answer for DVT but in truth the Bothrops should be promoted over lachesis. You've used a 15C potency but a 30C may be more use and who knows? How long is a piece of string? We're all individuals. Now if the child suffers from inflammation of the sinuses then you'd look at a tissue salt combination of; Alum, Calc Sulph, Kali Dichrom, Kali Mur, Kali Sulph, Nat Mur, Nat Phos and Zinc Mur

Re:Formicum Acidum 15C By: izhome
May 22 2019
Thank you 2tuff. I am going to look into these tissue salts.

Re:Formicum Acidum 15C By: udaya kumar
August 4 2019
Formic acid is extracted from crushed ants and is used as Formica Rufa in Homeopathy. It will usually benefit in all conditions where skin symptoms similar to ant bites occur where there is itching heat redness and rashes with swelling which are more or like symptoms relating to arthritis. as such it may be helpful in the so called allergy like conditions in the autistic specrtum ladder also. but cannot be made specific. In all such cases of allergy which is in the lowest ladder of autistic spectrum at the skin level alfliction with deeper causes, traceable back to genetic mutations and vaccinosis, the treatment per se should start with thuja and natrum mur, In seasonal allergy Thuja 30C three days , Natrum Mur 30C one week Arsenic Album 200C one dose a day as long as required can be more effective ....use of Carcinosinum 1M and Medorrhinum 1 M single dose as intercurrent remedy can be useful to get rid of the genetic predispositions.,


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