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Knee Pain
Started by: mibara0810 at October 9 2018

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Knee Pain By: mibara0810
October 9 2018
Respected Udayaji,

My mother-in law suffering from knee pain since long time. We tried with Rhus Tox then Pulsattila and Bryonia Alb.

She is around 80Y and little fat. Having diabetic in border and thyroid. She is taking tablet for thyroid.

The pain starts following the muscle swelling like on bottom of thigh.
She could not walk immediately after wake up or from sitting position instant. She will suffer pain for some times then become normal.

Relieved the pain following Injection for a while and come back after a month.

You are kindly requested to advise please.

Re:Knee Pain By: shouse_nsk
October 10 2018
Pl give her
1. Berberis Vewlgaris-Q 5 drops 3 times a day in 2 teaspoon water
2. Calc Fluorica-1m alternate day 6 pills at bed time
Pl give this treatment for 10 days and then give feedback

R P Tamhankar

Re:Knee Pain By: mibara0810
October 10 2018
Thanking you R P T Sir,

Asked her to take the advised remedies and will inform you the changes.

With regards,

Re:Knee Pain By: 2tuff
October 10 2018
If using tissue salts for knee pain then one would look at using a combination of three salts being; Nat Bicarb 12x, Nat Sulph 6x and Silica 12x. In the tissue salts for diabetes she'd be looking at a large combination remedy made up of; Kali dichrom, Kali Sulph, Mag Phos, Mang Sulph, Nat Bicarb, Nat Mur, Nat Phos, Nat Sulph, Selenium, Silica and Zinc Mur, Make sure her blood sugars are monitored and medications adjusted as and when changes occur from the use of tissue salt use. You'll notice that Nat Bicarb, Nat Sulph and Silica comes up in both the remedy needs of knee pain and diabetes which should give you a clearer idea of her needs. In the tissue salts for hypo-thyroid we utilize iodine in the form a Kali Iod which is the energy signature of Potassium Iodide. Kali Iod for hypo-thyroid is used at a 6x potency.

The Calc fluor is useful for pains in the joints. Let me remind you that Q potency isn't homoeopathy and now you're into herbal compound realm aka mother tincture. Homoeopathic remedies are pure energy signatures taken from the holographic data stripped from the mother tinctures. Berberis works well on Kidney function and it's the kidneys which control the skeletal structure and the lower legs. Goji berries are useful for the lower legs amongst other things. Increase foods which work on the Kidneys especially foods that are salty and black.

I didn't see you saying about any swelling with the knee but the Iodine in the thyroid medication may contributing to some of this. What was the thyroid condition? Is she hypothyroid or Hyperthyroid? What was her Thyroid Simulating Hormone level? If she's hypothyroid then the use of a 3c thyroidinum would be useful until her figures come into line or close and then she'd take a 6c for a while to regulate and smooth things out. If she's hyperthyroid then she'd be looking at using a 30c potency until her figures come into line and then again move to a 6c to smooth and regulate. People on thyroid medication are continually bombarding their bodies with iodine and fillers which both cause problems. Some brands of thyroxine harm less than others and this is down to the fillers used so maybe try a different brand if she stays with the sorcery route aka pharmaceuticals, It's always wise to utilize selenium when using Iodine. Vitamin D is also very useful in a protocol to aid thyroid function. If she tries the homoeopathic route I've mentioned above then she must have checks on the thyroid function and adjust pharma medications accordingly to prevent going hyper or hypo depending on her current form,

Have her twice daily rub her urine into her knees and at the back and sides of the knees let it soak in. She might also like to study up on urine therapy for internal use. Where there is pain have her PAIDA slap her knees at the back for 7 mins, each side for 7 mins and the front for 7 mins. There most likely will be a lot of SHA become visible and this is good it will look like bruising and will be removed later by the lymph fluid. The paida will give fast relief and long term change and have her do this daily. You'll find this knee issue is a combination of the thyroid/weight, diabetes and medications leading to mineral dysfunction (such as Selenium & Magnesium) and localized constipation causing meridian blockage.

Re:Knee Pain By: mibara0810
October 23 2018
Respected RTP sir,

She completed 10 days of Berberis and five day Calc Flour. She got little relaxation. Shall we continue for some more days.

You are kindly requested to advise please.

With regards,

Re:Knee Pain By: shouse_nsk
October 24 2018
Pl continue the treatment for next 10 days.
Pl add Calc Phos-12x 3 pallets twice a day

R P Tamhankar

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