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Bed bugs
Started by: Denise at September 27 2018

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Bed bugs By: Denise
September 27 2018

I went to a hotel and got bit by bed bugs. Iím allergic to these bites because they swelled up hugely.... Took Benadryl last night and took
A bath in oatmeal/Aveeno

It did help the stinging of the itch, but still inflamed, patchy, red and still itchy (not as intense ) Is there anything to help these bites heal?

Thanks so much

Re:Bed bugs By: alberto
September 27 2018

Re:Bed bugs By: 2tuff
September 27 2018
Cover the area in urine as and when needed and see how much relief you get. I've found urine to be an excellent tool for bites and itchy rashes etc. Make sure all your clothing etc is boil washed and monitor your own home now you've been around them as they're a nightmare. I will also tell you that these critters were a vector for smallpox. Look up the work of Dr A.R Campbell; http://reformation.org/campbell.html

Re:Bed bugs By: Pat2011
September 28 2018
Apis 30 or 200 is the standard for bites, inflammation or rash

Re:Bed bugs By: Denise
September 29 2018
Thank you so much for the replies

Re:Bed bugs By: 2tuff
September 30 2018
Yesterday I was tagged on the ankle area by a horse fly. I felt quite a lot of what I can only call as electrical like pains as the fly was drilling and vamping my blood. I put up with these electrical pains thinking it was just some odd natural pain for some reason. When I eventually looked down I saw the fly doing its thing through my sock (not on direct flesh). I flicked the pest off but I should have squatted it. This fly came back for a third strike. I was left with two decent puncture wounds! The first thing I did was reach for my bottle of urine and I rubbed in some of this elixir of the Gods. I did not suffer with any after affects which otherwise might have niggled me such as itching etc, I've always have urine available as I urinate in two litre bottles so I can use my urine for topical medicine and garden fertilization (I never waste urine). If you don't do similar then you'll just have to wait until you urinate again (so get drinking haha). Just remember the real immediate first aid is urine. I was once stung by a violent wasp and of course it immediately went into a welt situation etc. The first thing I did was cover it in urine then I took one dose of Apis Mel 30c and the welt went almost immediately. Most people would have been happy with the result but I then did Paida for twenty minutes over the area and bought out a lot of sha which was localized constipation from the sting.

Re:Bed bugs By: Denise
October 3 2018
Woooow thatís amazing. Iím sure those bites would have taken weeks to heal.

Urine seems to be the cure for all. If I could ever stomach it, Iíd give it a try.....

Apis 30C stopped all the itching that was going on. I knew that it was going to work. I bathed in oatmeal, tried benedryl, anti itch creams and nothing stopped the itch in its tracts except for Apis..

The welts went down as well. Only thing left is the bruising . Every bite has a bruising effect around it. Dark in color. Who knows how long it would have taken to heal. I heard up to three weeks. Apis helped tremendously. Thumbs up to homeopathy. Such an amazing medicine.

Re:Bed bugs By: 2tuff
October 3 2018
Urine is a very powerful aid to true-healing but it's not a cure-all as many would like you believe. I've used urine for a few years now and I also part bath in it. Urine is one of the first weapons in my arsenal if I feel off weather. For wounds and bites one doesn't have to ingest their urine but just simply apply the urine topically to the location of injury.

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