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I can't stop clenching my teeth please help
Started by: eleanor at September 23 2018

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I can't stop clenching my teeth please help By: eleanor
United Kingdom
September 23 2018
I have been ill and under a lot of stress I am now clenching my jaw /teeth night and day to the point I'm getting extreme pain I can't relax my jaw at all

If someone could help me with this as soon as possible I would be extremely grateful

Re:I can't stop clenching my teeth please help By: 2tuff
September 23 2018
Clenched Jaw with Complete Consciousnes: NUX VOMICA
Clenching Jaw at Night would be: Positronium
Cleaching Jaw in Morning would be: Theridion Curassavicum

The main remedies for clenched jaw are NUX VOM, BELLADONNA and HYOSCYAMUS NIGER. We also use these Ambr, Camph, Cann-I, Cann-S, Canth, Caust, Chlf, Cicuta, Cob-n, Glon, Hydr-ac, Hyper, Ign, Merc, Merc-f-f, Nux-M, Oena, Op, Sec, Sil, Sol-t, Stram, Stry, Tab, Verat

Look through this list and see what is closest to your symptoms

CLENCHED JAW; Bitter taste of all food, except milk
CLENCHED JAW; Consciousness with complete
CLENCHED JAW; Convulsions, during
CLENCHED JAW; Eating aggravates
CLENCHED JAW; Excitrement, emotional aggravates
CLENCHED JAW; Flatus, with loud, offensive
CLENCHED JAW; Grinding of teeth, with
CLENCHED JAW; Hearing difficult, right
CLENCHED JAW; Laughing aggravates
CLENCHED JAW; Nausea, during
CLENCHED JAW; Newborns, in
CLENCHED JAW; Sleepiness, with
CLENCHED JAW; Sunstroke, after
CLENCHED JAW; Talking aggravates

Have a chiropractic inspection and have them focus on C3 of the Cervical Spine. I promoted a Chiropractic inspection in your fibromyalgia thread. On top of chiropractic work on the spine you might find a good Cranial Osteopath of use. I went to a cranial osteopath a few times and he never once touched me physically and his hands were about one centimetre from the head and higher on the body but afterwards I felt as if he'd been pulling on my neck and I became slightly dizzy when I first got up off the table (happy with that as it showed me he'd done something special) but then started to felt the benefits especially relaxation It seems you have a lot of tension in that body from all you past bad health experiences building up and up as you're probably frightened by it all.

Your stress level may be a problem and the B vitamins (100mg mega B complex once a day) I promoted in the Fibro thread should help with this angle. The Combination 12 cell salts might help by aiding Magnesium (Mag Phos), Calcium (Calc Fluor, Calc Phos, Calc Sulph) absorption although some Copper (Cuprum Ars) may also be useful in case this is stemming from mineral depletion. If there's a mineral deficiency problem then you'll have to suss out what's causing the issue rather than just relying on regular mineral intakes to counter the deficiencies. So for instance if your diet is causing leeching (soda pop etc) of certain minerals then the answer is to alter the diet and take the cell salts till corrections are made.

Take a look at this

Re:I can't stop clenching my teeth please help By: eleanor
United Kingdom
September 26 2018
Thank you for your response I have tried belladonna 30c which have a little short lived relief nux hasn't provided any help I am not aware I am clenching my teeth until it becomes very painful are there any other remedies that I can try or can I increase the potency of the belladonna I have without having to purchase more remedies? I am disabled and currently disabled and unable to work so keeping cost to a minimum would be good I have the helios 3 2 remedies set if there are others that might kelp

Any advice is greatly appreciated thdnk you in advance

Re:I can't stop clenching my teeth please help By: alberto
September 26 2018

Re:I can't stop clenching my teeth please help By: 2tuff
September 26 2018
Well I'm glad you got some use from Belladonna which is a good sign. Usually in homoeopathy we find a remedy which works and then we work with that remedy for a while till either the issue is cleared or the remedy no longer seems to act. So how long do you get relief with Belladonna 30c? If you took another dose would you still get that relief and time span? If the relief is short lived then a higher potency most likely would extend the use until the remedy is no longer needed. When dealing with chronic ailments and with homoeopathy then potency changes are almost always a need to clear out layers. You've not really said which of those listed suits you? I might be able to pinpoint more of a remedy out of the list.

I've listed all the homoeopathic remedies usually used for this problem. Whilst looking into the 24 homoeopathic Helios kit I noticed these remedies; Cantharis, Hypericum, Ignatia, Mercury and Silicea which are listed above in my original post.

I've told you about Urine Therapy and Paida Lajin for other issues and remember both are completely FREE and highly useful.

My repositories show no sign of Thuja as a remedy for this problem.

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