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35 year old with acne
Started by: AstonMartin at September 13 2018

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35 year old with acne By: AstonMartin
September 13 2018

I am 35 year old with acne prone skin. Skin tone is warm tan with acne scars and large pores specially around the cheeks area. Lately I am experiencing the skin to be very oily and I have white heads or melia on my fore head which is my main concern right now. Also experiencing some acne on the back and scalp as well. I am attaching my current skin state in the pictures. Apart from this overall skin is experiencing more breakouts than normal and which leaves scarring behind. I have been wanting to write to you about this if we can treat this condition with homepathy since I have already exhausted all my efforts going to dermatologists and all in vain. I have take Roaccutane as well and after that also my acne came back. I am looking forward to some helpful tips and medicines to combat this condition with homepathy.

Re:35 year old with acne By: 2tuff
September 17 2018
Rub your mid-stream urine into the skin twice a day whilst taking the following tissue salts twice daily using a one-off combination made by a homoeopathic pharmacy; Ars Iod 12x, Calc Fluor 12x, Calc Sulph 6x, Ferrum Phos 12x, Kali Brom 12x, Kali Iod 12x, Kali Mur 6x, Nat Phos 6x, Nat Sulph 6x, Silica 12x and Zinc Mur 12x.


Re:35 year old with acne By: AstonMartin
September 17 2018
Thank you for your response. I wanted to check if 6x will be fine for the above mentioned medicines since 12x is not available in the country I live in.

Re:35 year old with acne By: 2tuff
September 17 2018
Yes you can use the 6x potency it was just that the 12x is more for non-soluble minerals such as those mentioned.

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