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Dr Uday... Cough after sore throat & cold
Started by: Adubey at September 12 2018

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Dr Uday... Cough after sore throat & cold By: Adubey
September 12 2018
Dear Sir,

I am 42 Yr / Male from Delhi. I experience prolonged coughing after every episode of cold & sore throat, which turns into bronchitis.

When coughing starts it makes my voice hoarse with barking sound and feel like my lungs will come out with little or no mucous.

After around a week of this it gets better but continues with tickling in throat deep down which forces me to cough which is normally dry with sometime whistling noise from deep throat. The coughing is not continuous but bothers me twice or thrice in a day and night.

Please suggest any remedy ... I will be greatfull to you.

Re:Dr Uday... Cough after sore throat & cold By: shouse_nsk
September 13 2018
Pl take
1. Spongia Tosta-30 6 pills twice a day
2. Drosera-30 6 pills at bed time
Pl take this treatment for 3 days and then give feedback
RP Tamhankar

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