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Fibromyalgia chronic fatigue
Started by: eleanor at September 10 2018

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Fibromyalgia chronic fatigue By: eleanor
United Kingdom
September 10 2018
I have had fibro for 6 years after a difficult second pregnancy

Could someone please suggest remedies to combat extreme fatigue after even smallest exertion

Sensitive to temperature always cold
Constant head pain in forehead
Skin in legs and feet so sensitive it csnt be touched

Any help greatly appreciated

Re:Fibromyalgia chronic fatigue By: 2tuff
September 17 2018
Have you ever taken the combination 12 tissue salts? If so did you notice any improvements with any symptom(s)? You should also find that the external tissue salt known as Nat Bicarb is useful in a 12x potency for both the fatigue and fibro.

Have you had a thyroid function test? If so then what was your TSH level?

I put my Fibro friend on Puerh tea once daily along with her Urine therapy and eventually Vitamin E 400IU (natural only), Vitamin B Complex 100mg and Vitamin D 25mcg she also takes Combination 12 tissue salts twice daily. Now make notice that the B vitamins must be the 100mg complex and at the proper levels as not all complexs are equal and so we opt for the stronger mega complex as listed below. After a month or so on the 100mg you can then move down to a 50mg mega B complex.

I would also recommend chiropractic treatment so try to find a good local practitioner and have a checkup to see what work is needed. You might be lucky and only need a couple of visits but it could be up to five over a short period of time. Unless you have bone density problems etc then you shouldn't need more than five treatments and you'd be getting ripped off. Have the chiro focus especially on C1, C7, T8-12.

Vitamin D (UK) supply:

Vitamin E (UK) supply:

Vitamin B (UK) supply:

Puerh (UK) supply:

Combination 12 Tissue Salts (UK) supply:

Nat Bibarb 12x Tissue salt (UK) supply:

Re:Fibromyalgia chronic fatigue By: eleanor
United Kingdom
September 23 2018
I have trued the 12 salts but found no difference I will get the vitamins you recommend but it will need to be after I get paid at the end of the month how long does it take to see any improvement normally? Thank you so much for your help

Re:Fibromyalgia chronic fatigue By: Pat2011
September 23 2018
Chiropractic adjustments can lead to crippleness. Be warned. Have you looked for a homeopath where you live to help you?. A constitutional remedy will help with your Fibro. Homeopaths who help you one on one will find your constitutional remedy. With Fibromyalgia, you need long term or ongoing help from a homeopath

Re:Fibromyalgia chronic fatigue By: 2tuff
September 23 2018
Chiropractic treatment has always been promoted by the best vitalists and I myself have used chiropractors monthly as preventative. You'll not cure an issue with a medicine which arises from a spinal subluxation. At the most you might get around an issue whilst using a medicine but you won't cure the problem until the subluxation is removed and the signaling from brain is allowed to work at full force. So for instance many examples of eczema stem from mid-thoracic spinal subluxation tied to hunched posture. You can use this remedy and that remedy or herbs etc and you might help a bit or cover up the problem whilst using these medicines but the problem is still in the spine. That spinal block then hinders signalling from the brain which prevents the stomach from healing its leaks aka leaky gut syndrome. I went through this gerbil on a wheel medicine route but it wasn't until my mid-thoracic was realigned that the eczema problem disappeared fast within a week. Chiropractic work does not cripple people, more like the opposite and it's wrong to demonize this therapy when it helps so many with not only spine pain problems etc but also illnesses like eczema which can stem from the spine. Attacking chiropractic therapy only aids the Rockefeller family aka Big Pharma who've tried for decades (Flexner Report) to remove this good therapy which they see as competition etc. A good chiropractor is worth their weight in gold and the therapy will not be performed with certain ailments which I think MS is one of them (don't quote me on that)

Re:Fibromyalgia chronic fatigue By: 2tuff
September 23 2018
I still recommend you utilise the Combination Twelve Cell Salts along with the others I promoted above. Whether you feel, sense or know the C12 is doing something is irrelevant as you can rest assured that they'll be helping all treatments to work a bit better than without. Well I've told you my female friend she had improvements within 30 minutes when she started the urine side of this therapy. You'll notice a difference fairly soon once on b vitamins which should help with some energy, counter-depression etc. It's just a suck it and see but I'm sure some of it or all of it will make some difference. I still believe you should start the Urine 2 drops a day and see how you go.

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