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Persistent nausea
Started by: eleanor at September 3 2018

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Persistent nausea By: eleanor
United Kingdom
September 3 2018
I'm 36 I suffered significant brain damage and 3 years on I am still suffering from nausea I have been prescribed anti sickness medicines which help but I feel are causing other side effects such-and-such as constipation and stomach pain I would like if possible to reduce and come off as much allopathic medicine as possible

Please could you suggest a remedy that may rid me of nausea?

Kind wishes

Re:Persistent nausea By: eleanor
United Kingdom
September 5 2018
Anyone know of somrhing that might help I'm on quite a few allopathic anti sickness meds but I would like to come off them if I can reduce the possibility of other side effects

All help greatly appreciated

Re:Persistent nausea By: shouse_nsk
September 6 2018
Pl take
1. Ipecac-30 6 pills twice a day
2. Nux Vomica-200 6 pills at bed time
Pl take above treatment for one week and then give feedback

RP Tamhankar

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