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For the attention of Udaya - suspected uti
Started by: Newark at June 29 2018

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Re:For the attention of Udaya - canine lupus By: Newark
September 21 2018
Hi Udaya,

I hope all is well. Everythingís going great here for Nuala. The headaches seem to have resolved. Again, still very mixed weather. We had some really cloudy weather with very short break through of sunshine (seconds) a few days ago and her head was consistently up and looking very proud. Weíre out playing for over an hour most days, sheís no different to some of the 5/6 year old dogs I see, plenty energy and stamina. Sheís now jumping over things instead of just knocking everything out her road, sheís jumping around playing with the cat, both having lots of fun. Overall, a far better picture than a few months ago. No new symptoms and everything else seems to have settled. Iíll keep working on her. Iím going to add in calc flour now to see if that works on her nodules (conium had no effect, Iíll also keep calc phos in mind for those as well) This is very recent so Iíll confirm more on my next update but she seems to be less attracted to the cat box.

Iím doing better myself as well, Iím enjoying treating and seeing Nuala getting better now so the stressful element of that has gone. Itís a pleasure. Iíve started getting some sensations back which I lost after my last surgery about 8 years ago. This was extensive and was literally pumped full of morphine initially - that was with a high pain threshold. It had happened before and other remedies brought the sensations back but it was obviously a different cause. Once the opium has done its job, it should be a lot easier to work out what else may be needed. Thank you!

Iíll report back in a further month, again just so youíre kept up to date and making it easier if thereís anything happening Iím not sure about. As always, no news is good news.

Best wishes

Re:For the attention of Udaya - suspected uti By: udaya kumar
September 25 2018
I am sorry I could not see your messages...because things were not as good as anyone would desire.....About Natrum Mur it is perfect and the second choice that came to my mind while reading....you have anyhow administered it with desired results...but I would suggest Gingko Biloba Q alongwith Natrm Mur three times a day best wishes.


Re:For the attention of Udaya - suspected uti By: Newark
September 26 2018
Hi Udaya,

Nothing to be sorry for, I know youíve got a lot on your plate. Personally and on here. I assume if I donít hear back, your confident in my decisions and I also know youíll make further when needed, which you have. Thank you!

The event itself will have been a horrendous experience on its own, the aftermath and everything that brings, is the hardest part - preserve your energy for that.

Nuala is still doing great. I never thought a few months ago that something that did turn my world upside down for a short time could actually turn in to a positive. Didnít think our bond could be any stronger or she could be any better than she already was, in my eyes the best dog ever but she is. Itís a hard thing to explain at the moment but sheís just so much more stronger. Weíve had so many compliments over the last few weeks about how adorable and loving she is with a few saying they want to pick her up and take her home - people we meet at the park. I keep asking her if sheís doing a Molly (living to a ripe old age) sheís not opposing the idea :0)

I have been going gently with her and the remedies, and will continue. I keep telling her sheíll be out playing in the sun next year, going for a decent walk without getting Ill anyway.

I will keep you posted, and if anything different from what has already been discussed comes up. I will seek further advice.

Take care for now and I hope things get better in the near future.

Best wishes

Re:For the attention of Udaya - suspected uti By: Newark
September 26 2018
Hi Udaya,

Nothing to do with Nuala. Just a wee question Iíve been meaning to ask, thereís no hurry. With regards to flu prevention (lessening the effects) should I be taking a few doses of influenzinum to boost my immunity further? My digestive system is improving but I would rather minimise any risk, hindering the progress.

The flu last year was horrific and usually doesnít bother me, but last year was a different matter. What would you advise for that? Having looked at Helios, the flu vaccine nosodes only go as far as 2016/2017. Iím assuming thatís the previous years and not the epidemic we had towards the end of 2017/ start of 2018. I have had bac and tub so Iíve been boosted in that sense and psorinum for the one I had 3 years before which was a walk in the park in comparison. I will be more aware but it doesnít give much warning.

Iíve also looked at vetinary vaccination nosodes - whatís your experience with them. I have spoke to a woman who has her dogs treated by a vet who also used homeopathy. Her dogs are regularly titre tested using nosodes and sheís extremely happy with the results. Again, vaccinations seem to be a bit of an issue with Nuala. If theyíre needed, great but if I can keep her healthy with far less of them, then itís something Iíd like to consider - informed decision.

Further update on myself so thereís no worry. Iíve added Silicea and so far today, Iíve had 3 movements. There will be quite a back log so itís now just clearing. This is looking positive for me now thankfully and all going well. Things will continue to improve. I did have Silicea before and obviously stopped too soon. Nuala is doing well also so, Iíll update on her as things improve or otherwise. No news will be good news, especially now Iím on the mend.
Best wishes

Re:For the attention of Udaya - suspected uti By: Newark
October 15 2018
Hi Udaya,

I hope youíre well!

Just a little update again so youíre not left wondering. Nuala is doing great! Weíve had a bit of sunshine, although a lot cooler than it was and she was running around, energy in abundance and generally her happy wee self.

Iíll continue as she is, will keep you posted every once and while and all going well she continues to stay well for a while at least anyway. I know where you are if we run in to problems.

Gave Nuala a bath today myself, first in a while - she done really well. Sat/stood, usually trying to get out the bath and running about playing with her ball afterwards. Massive improvement here (21/10/1Cool
Best wishes

Re:For the attention of Udaya - suspected uti By: udaya kumar
October 21 2018
We weren't......We are almost.....
Good to hear that you and Naula are keeping fine.... best wishes...


Re:For the attention of Udaya - suspected uti By: Newark
December 9 2018
Hi Udaya,

Hope all is well with yourselves now. Weíre still doing well! Nuala was up to her old tricks again a few weeks back. No sunshine or warm weather to blame this time, winter weather and pitch black. A lady dropped a zip lock bag of treats a few weeks back, she grabbed them and off she went! Rushed to the vet for induced vomiting. I wasnít taking any chances with that and neither was the vet. Bag and treats were retrieved fully intact with the treats still inside. She was neither up nor down and sheís still doing great! No signs of winter ailments with her so far and energy in abundance. Sheís also wearing jackets now, nearly 14 years later. Just a light waterproof, fleece lined, light up - dark nights are very early and sheís loving it.

Still improving on the remedies, nothing new or different. I will keep in touch but all going well, sheíll stay well and updates will be lighthearted.

Best wishes

Re:For the attention of Udaya - suspected uti By: TaraJoy
December 24 2018
Hi Newark,
Happy to be reading here that all is well and just wanting to wish you the best for the

'May Peace and Plenty be the first to lift the latch at your door
and Happiness be guided to your home by the Light of Christmas'.

Much love and many blessings,

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