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Complaining all the time !
Started by: MAX VARMA at December 26 2006

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Complaining all the time ! By: MAX VARMA
New Delhi and Vancouver
December 26 2006
Hi Friends !
Can some one tell me what is best for a person who is complaining all the time about everyting under the sun.

His college professor, his job, his siblings,his house,the maid in the house,the weather and what not.

Seeking more ideas...
Thanks in advance.


There is only one religion....called mankind.
There is only one law....the law of Karma
There is only one God....He is everywhere and with everyone and knows everything.

Re: Complaining all the time ! By: girilal
New Jersey USA
December 26 2006
Bryonia and Lycopodium point to this direction.
Bryonia is dry from inside or outside, always complaining. Lycopodium is like a military officer, curses to his subordinates but very respectful to his superiours.


Re: Complaining all the time ! By: sajjadakram
December 26 2006
Looks like Bryonia but needs further research.It is a common problem of the modern man.i have seen so many people but believe you me the permanent cure is not possible because we cannot change the nature.It is suppression only.


Re: Complaining all the time ! By: Pat2006M
December 26 2006
What is your opinion as to why there are so many people who complain about everything? It's like people are never happy with what they have. They want more and more but don't want to work for it. I'm not sure if it's laziness or because they are spoiled. Maybe everyone is lazy from lack of energy and from being sick. These are just my guesses. It is extremely difficult to have relationships with complainers and controllers who like to make people their property (a sort of slavery relationship) without working on relationships either. By putting others down , demeaning, and controlling them, they think they can keep someone around without working on the relationship.. So many people backstabbing on the job so they can move up to higher level positions without working for it. So much recentment from people at the bottom who want to get to the top without working for it. So much sense of entitlement going on these days that is leading to desperate feelings of unhappiness, anger and constant complaining about everything. And always comparing themselves with other. It's like people are not being taught to be of service to others. Or is it hereditary that people don't like to give but only receive. These are my personal conclusions and opinions. Would like to know what your opinions are about this. And is there really nothing we can do about it including with the use of homeopathy? Is this how people are from birth or is this how they are being trained/raised or is it the toxic pollution that is making everyone be low on energy that is leading to laziness?

Re: Complaining all the time ! By: Pat2006M
December 27 2006
I think there would be less complainers if they stopped to care about others and if they did something to make someone else's life more comfortable.

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