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Antimony Crudum
Started by: harry at September 3 2006

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Antimony Crudum By: harry
September 3 2006

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Black Sulphide of Antimony

For homeopathic employment, the mental symptoms and those of the gastric sphere, determine its choice. Excessive irritability and fretfulness, together with a thickly-coated white tongue, are true guiding symptoms to many forms of disease calling for this remedy. All the conditions are aggravated by heat and cold bathing. Cannot bear heat of sun. Tendency to grow fat. An absence of pain, where it could be expected, is noticeable. Gout with gastric symptoms.

Mind.--Much concerned about his fate. Cross and contradictive; whatever is done fails to give satisfaction. Sulky; does not wish to speak. Peevish; vexed without cause. Child cannot bear to be touched or looked at. Angry at every little attention. Sentimental mood.

Head.--Aching, worse in vertex, on ascending, from bathing, from disordered stomach, especially from eating candy or drinking acid wines. Suppressed eruptions. Heaviness in forehead with vertigo; nausea, and nosebleed. Headache with great loss of hair.

Eyes.--Dull, sunken, red, itch, inflamed, agglutinated. Canthi raw and fissured. Chronic blepharitis. Pustules on cornea and lids.

Ears.--Redness; swelling; pain in eustachian tube. Ringing and deafness. Moist eruption around ear.

Nose.--Nostrils chapped and covered with crusts. Eczema of nostrils, sore, cracked and scurfy.

Face.--Pimples, pustules, and boils on face. Yellow crusted eruption on cheeks and chin. Sallow and haggard.

Mouth.--Cracks in corners of mouth. Dry lips. Saltish saliva. Much slimy mucus. Tongue coated thick white, as if whitewashed. Gums detach from teeth; bleed easily. Toothache in hollow teeth. Rawness of palate, with expectoration of much mucus. Canker sores. Pappy taste. No thirst. Subacute eczema about mouth.

Throat.--Much thick yellowish mucus from posterior nares. Hawking in open air. Laryngitis. Rough voice from over use.

Stomach.--Loss of appetite. Desire for acids, pickles. Thirst in evening and night. Eructation tasting of the ingesta. Heartburn, nausea, vomiting. After nursing, the child vomits its milk in curds, and refuses to nurse afterwards, and is very cross. Gastric and intestinal complaints from bread and pastry, acids, sour wine, cold bathing, overheating, hot weather. Constant belching. Gouty metastasis to stomach and bowels. Sweetish waterbrash. Bloating after eating.

Stool.--Anal itching (Sulpho-calc. Alum). diarrhśa alternates with constipation, especially in old people. Diarrhśa after acids, sour wine, baths, overeating; slimy, flatulent stools. Mucous piles, continued oozing of mucus. Hard lumps mixed with watery discharge. Catarrhal proctitis. Stools composed entirely of mucus.

Urine.--Frequent, with burning, and backache; turbid and foul odor.

Male.--Eruption on scrotum and about genitals. Impotence. Atrophy of penis and testicles.

Female.--Excited; parts itch. Before menses, toothache; menses too early and profuse. Menses suppressed from cold bathing, with feeling of pressure in pelvis and tenderness in ovarian region. Leucorrhśa watery; acrid, lumpy.

Respiratory.--Cough worse coming into warm room, with burning sensation in chest, itching of chest, oppression. Loss of voice from becoming overheated. Voice harsh and badly pitched.

Back.--Itching and pain of neck and back.

Extremities.--Twitching of muscles. Jerks in arms. Arthritic pain in fingers. Nails brittle; grow out of shape. Horny warts on hands and soles. Weakness and shaking of hands in writing followed by offensive flatulence. Feet very tender; covered with large horny places. Inflamed corns. Pain in heels.

Skin.--Eczema with gastric derangements. Pimples, vesicles, and pustules. Sensitive to cold bathing. Thick, hard, honey-colored scabs. Urticaria; measle-like eruption. Itching when warm in bed. Dry skin. Warts (Thuja; Sabina; Caust). Dry gangrene. Scaly, pustular eruption with burning and itching, worse at night.

Sleep.--Continual drowsiness in old people.

Fever.--Chilly even in warm room. Intermittent with disgust, nausea, vomiting, eructations, coated tongue, diarrhśa. Hot sweat.

Modalities.--Worse, in evening, from heat, acids, wine, water, and washing. Wet poultices. Better, in open air, during rest. Moist warmth.

Relationship.--Compare: Antimonium Chloridum. Butter of Antimony (A remedy for cancer. Mucous membranes destroyed. Abrasions. Skin cold and clammy. Great prostration of strength. Dose-third trituration).

Antimon iodat (Uterine hyperplasia; humid asthma. Pneumonia and bronchitis; loss of strength, and appetite, yellowish skin, sweaty, dull and drowsy). In sub-acute and chronic colds in chest which have extended downwards from head and have fastened themselves upon the bronchial tubes in the form of hard, croupy cough with a decided wheeze and inability to raise the sputum, especially in the aged and weak patients (Bacmeister). Stage of resolution of pneumonia slow and delayed.

Compare: Kermes mineral-Stibiat sulph rub (Bronchitis). Also Puls, Ipecac, Sulph.

Complementary: Sulph.

Antidote: Hepar.

Dose.--Third to sixth potency.

Antimony Crudum Patient By: girilal
New Jersey USA
September 19 2006
Antimonium Crudum

(Love Sick)
1. Gets angry when his emotions are touched
2. Weeps when his emotions are touched
3. Love sick

Meaning of Love Sick here:
Feeling of a warm personal attachment for someone which has taken over the mind so deeply that it has start5ed affecting him like a disease and is not free from it at any time of the day.
A remedy, when feelings or sensitivities are affected. When words and thoughts touch the mind and provoke strong displeasure and desire for retaliation.

He was making repairs to his brother’s home for free. But brother told him that he has hired a contractor. He started crying. Complained for years about why did his brother did this. He did not talk to him for long time.

She loves her brother’s family and visited there very often. One day his brother died and later on she came to know that her brother’s in-laws mistreated the brother.
This thing touched her heart and she exploded with emotions and anger and cried. She stopped her relation with dead brother’s wife and kids.

Just one dose of Antimony Crudum cured both cases.


Antimony Crudum Story By: peter
October 16 2006
Gangotry, a pilgrim town situated at 12000 feet, where holy river Ganges originates from the Himalayas. Paths open for pilgrim from April to mid November then town stays inaccessible, only few hermits stay there with all the provisions to survive the long harsh mountain winder.

I happened to be there at the last days. Last bus was ready to depart; it was already about to snow.

A monk asked me to send him some medicine to cure his warts on both hands. His both hands were just became two bleeding cauliflowers. Now hard warts were also appearing on his foot sole.

His medicine was in my mind: Antimony Crudum (Antimony Tartrum also works, Thuja also works but gives partial relief) I felt helpless because:

Had I had a medicine it might cure the poor selfless monk. He was just a burden on the Asham, before he used to cook and serve.

On the last bus, a lady had black Soorma in her eyes, I asked her, if it is real soorma she said yes it was real, not the one prepared from the soot.

No she didn’t have it. She was with a group they halted at Uttarkashi in the half way and left most of their belonging there to make a day trip to the remotest town of India.

I asked her for a drop of tear of eye wipe, tried to bribe the bus drive to stop the bus for another half hour but he refused the money but promised to stop.

I ran back to the establishment and diluted the tear drop.

Next year I got the news that monk started healing in hours. Till today he is wart free.

Re: Antimony Crudum By: girilal
New Jersey USA
October 16 2006
Antimony Crudum is freely available in India. People put Antimony Crudum powder in their eyes as cosmotic and better eyesight purpose.

Its use in the eyes is getting obsolete but it is still available in the markets because astrologers tell people to burry the lumps of Antimony Crudum at some deserted place at Saturday, to protect them from the ill effects of the plannet shani (saturn).

Antimony Tartarate is used to induce vomitting but is a bit hard to obtain because its use has become obsolete.


Re: Antimony Crudum By: om
February 12 2007
Hey Guys,
Can this be used for gas purposes ?

Re: Antimony Crudum By: MAX VARMA
New Delhi and Vancouver
February 13 2007
Yes it is a good remedy for flatulence. Also removes pimples from the face and body.

Take in 200 potency twice a day.

Pankaj Varma

There is only one religion....called mankind.
There is only one law....the law of Karma
There is only one God....He is everywhere and with everyone and knows everything.

Re:Antimony Crudum By: testing1
February 2 2009

I have been recommended to take antimonium crudum 200c once a day on an empty stomach for a month for the following symptoms:

-constant burping, regardless of whether I have eaten or not; it's like a rule to burp several times in the morning and then throughout the day I burp all the time. If I am hungry and the burp does not come out, I can feel the air in my intestines.

-I've lost weight because of depression, and I am taking St John's Wart. It helps to increase me appetite in the sense that it makes me feel very hungry, but even then I do not want always want to eat. I have never been overweight, and right now I am quite thin. I used to be size 6 now I am 4.

-I am also taking vitamins: B, C, and Iron (for minor anemia).

-occasionally I feel like my head is in a fog. It could be that this happens either before I get my period or when the air in my room is humid. I use a humidifier, and it seems that i feel better if the humidity is not high.

From what I've read about Antimonium Crudum, it seems to help patients who are prone to obesity and who have a thick white coating of the tongue. I am neither prone to obesity nor do I have a white coating on the tongue.

Can you please let me know if I should be taking Antim Crud or something else? Thanks.

Re:Antimony Crudum By: fldlpvt
August 18 2013
hi everyone.
i m suffreing from facial warts since jan2012.In the beginning there were one or two warts were present on my left cheek.But the condition became worse in feb2013 when i got 20nos of warts including small and bigger ones on my face.So i consulted one homeopathic doctor and he advised me to take anagallis q and calcarea calcinata 6.And at the same time i went for electro cautery.Homeopathic medicines were effective for one and a half month.I observed that my face was getting clean.But unfortunately i got 7 more warts in cluster form in may 2013.Then i decided to consult another homeopathic doctor.This time i was advised to take thuja occ and gun powder.idid the same for one month then my doctor asked me to take causticum 30 and thuja ointment.I again followed her instruction for one month but this time also there were no progess.Now m taking antimonium crud 200.can anyone please suggest me that this time on the right track or still i have to figure out the correct option.

Hope anyone will help me as i m highly depressed and as an effect of this disease i prefer to stay in my house.

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